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November 12 at the Goethe Institute in Minsk will host the presentation of the book Andrew Liankevich "Paganism", which was published in Lithuania, the publisher "Arx baltica». Using the photos show the author decided to pagan traditions and customs that are still alive in Belarus. The book included a description of the ten rites Marriage chimney, Christmas, exclamations of spring, George, funeral arrows, Bush, Seeing mermaids, Midsummer, Dozhinki, Transfer of celebration, as well as the entire collection of sacred plants, animals and objects.

The project "Belarusian paganism" — quite a documentary, the author worked on it together with the scientist Irene Mazyuk involved in research totem animals, plants, places and temples that shot Andrew Lenkiewicz. On the eve of the presentation of the photo-artist answered questions from Radio Liberty.

— Andrew, why have addressed this subject, it would seem, is not modern?

— On the one hand, this is my search for an answer to a question about the basics belarushchyny, foundations, on which stands the people of Belarus, Belarusian traditions of about finding the roots. This is my search for answers to these now highly relevant questions: what choice do Belarus, with whom she would go on … Paganism, which, as I thought, I'm doing photography, not only in the very traditions, rites in themselves — it's huge, it is as wide as life style, style pavodiinav. And so it turned on — in birds, animals, objects, rocks, to the house. The result was a book.

— As you were looking for a location for filming. As you were looking for these objects?

— I started looking for someone who would be interested this topic and realized that I was looking for. So fate brought me to Irina Mazyuk, which at the time was working at the Institute of Culture. She gatherer of songs. Thus, together, we tried to find a place, a village where tradition has not had a break. We can say that a few hundred years it has existed in these places.

— Why are pictures of just black and white?

— If you photograph so it is removed while. Can you show some sense, removing information that is not currently needed: color, time … Therefore, black-and-white photo. Always use the tape because it is a form which, on the one hand, it helps the other — makes it possible to transfer some energy space, I think. The mood and feeling of the photographer can convey it in black and white ribbon. In the black-and-white photography is such an interesting feature: you are showing the world that does not exist. Because most people see all the same in color. Black and white photography brings us back to the past. This is an easy game with the audience: he looks at the pictures, which depicted the traditions that had be a long time ago, but in fact this is the year 2007, 2008, 2009, th …

— Why the book was published in Lithuania?

— I will answer the words of a book publisher from Belarus, who, having seen the book, said: "Wow! Similarly, not printed in Belarus. " I asked why. He says, "This is not the quality we can be." Here's a simple answer.

Presentation of the book Andrew Liankevich "Paganism" will take place on Friday, November 12 and 19 hours at the Goethe Institute, which is located at the intersection of Khoruzhey and Starovilensky in the new business center of "The Terminal".


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