Anomalies of the Volgograd region

January 14, 2012 20:42

"Tour of the incredible places Volgograd region held ufologist Gennady Belimov.

Volzhanin Gennady Belimov graduated Radiophysics Tomsk University, worked for 20 years in the defense industry and until 1985 was, in his own words, stubborn materialist. Abnormal phenomena after he became interested in the expedition to the crash site of the Tunguska meteorite. Since then, the unknown became his main occupation. Now Belimov headed Volga group to study anomalous phenomena. In the summer, he again went to the areas of the Volgograd region at the invitation of those who watched the abnormal phenomenon. These places have a lot, and Gennady Stepanovich told the "AIF" — Volgograd "on some of them.

Circle of Zoroaster

Recently called journalist Gennady Belimovu Maxim Kucherov, "Perhaps you might be interested strange objects visible from space …" Using the Internet, found the range, well visible from Earth's orbit. It was a Ilovlya area neighborhood village Trehostrovskoy. Instant measurement showed diameter: 208 meters. Shaft surrounds wasteland near primer around — and no shrub steppe. Strange building … On the mound does not seem, however, man-made object is undeniable. Who and why needed to delineate a perfect circle in the desert, far away from human settlements? And the coachman told me that here found perennial layers of ash, like many of the burned logs. At the first opportunity Belimov went with his supporters for a solution. "

"From Volgograd to Trehostrovskoy easily reached, then by ferry across the Don, and now travelers out onto the steppes. — The circle is created not the shaft, but rather a deep and wide ditch dug as if on compasses — says Gennady Stepanovich. — The depth of more than two meters long and thirty meters. To dig it, a very long time and energy. Inside the artificial mound rises three meters. Strewn around the burnt stones, slag, sintered mass of reddish loam, wood UHL. Says a lot about the fact that once upon a time there was a fire.

Guided Tours of the natural park Ilovlya Valery Smertkin shared what he learned from the reports of archaeologists. This place — the remains of the ancient sanctuary of the Zoroastrians, who preached the worship of fire. So the houses of the three thousand years. Selected location is no accident — the steep Don bend at the intersection of the river 9 kilometers from the north, and the same to the east and south. To arrange a ditch itself temple with a huge oven, we had to move 25,000 cubic meters of earth. Our guide told us that the Volgograd archaeologists Skripkin, Dyachenko and Demkin found: there was a huge furnace. Pallets were densely packed rows of blocks of baked clay and loam, including a built wall of the furnace width of several meters and a height of over two meters. Diameter of the furnace reached 40 meters. "Stoked" with wood from the surrounding oak trees, which then was here in bulk. That there was no open flame, trunks shifted rubble from nearby Cretaceous limestone mountains and interspersed with clay.

Ufologists asked how many years will the fire?

"Hundreds," — said Smertkin. — "This is a purely ceremonial temple, a shrine to the god of fire Agni of Vedic and Zoroastrian culture."

Fire in the sky and on the ground balls

The locals call this area in the town. There is another feature. When archaeologists excavated the night here, one student saw a ball of fire that made the circle strange movements. He called friends to let them look at the mysterious phenomenon.

— We found a strong power point here — continues Belimov. — My cell in the area was silent: no network signal that you want to do. But when I got into this circle, the connection was excellent. Energy powerful and beneficial effect. Disappear heavy thoughts, depression disappears. Of course, the mysterious stone balls found in the spring of last year in Kotovsky district, also forced to meet in the street. Found them near the village Wet Olkhovka and immediately dubbed dinosaur eggs. This was once written in many newspapers, dominated skeptical tone, saying that the eggs of the prehistoric animals were not more than 30 cm in diameter, also here it is clear that these strange formations — limestone …

But ufologists not jump to conclusions. Especially, when they saw these "eggs" were among the first, when the majority remained intact.

— Balls did not like the laying of eggs: the distance between the end not less than two hundred meters — says Gennady Belimov. — The first thing you thought: Should not this volcanic activity? At the bottom of the cleft paleo Tethys dabble here were bubbles of molten lava rocks here and get the balls …

But ufologists themselves themselves objected: the material does not look like lava, and it is too structured. Each "egg" is like a petrified shell thickness of 20-30 cm and the inner cavity diameter of 50-60 cm is hardly the same as the volcano will "Bulka", and did not find in these places traces of the ancient fire-breathing mountains. Emerged following assumption: can it really any eggs gigantozavrov who lived millions of years ago? Ufologists leave here with doubts. Stone balls agitated mind, and soon again wanted to go to a flea ravine near Wet Olkhovka. When we arrived, saw losses: two balls disappeared. It is evident that some one broke a sledgehammer. But the professor visited here Saratov State University, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Yevgeny Petrushov determined the age of the unique formations — 180 million years old. And this is one Kotovsky balls gain valuable. New research has produced results. Balls were about thirty if you count the broken education and those that are almost completely buried in the ground. They are roughly in the same plane, meter above or below a meter. If they had been buried in the mud. Sandy path along the bottom of the beam — is entirely an internal matter of the broken balloons. There are several connected together. Researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Efimchuk summarized: it looks like on the plant, and it is possible that we are witnessing a pronounced mineral form of life. In connection with this work Belimov remembered Albert Bokovikova in which nearly proved silicon life form on the example of the mineral agate. His research confirms other scholars mineralogists.

— Indeed, there was a feeling that the unknown giant organisms evolved and were at different stages of maturation. Many have already burst, were washed with water, and a strong core of stone but the stone fragments shell trail stretching along the course of spring flows, showed that there were also these strange organisms. Laboratory analysis of gray sand of the balls showed that it is 80 per cent consists of organics. So, it was a living organism! — Says Belimov.

The following is a wonderful place located on the border and Kotovsky Olhovsky areas. In the steppe, sand hills rise the most vivid colors, from bright orange to dark green.

— Versions of their origins are different. But we came to the conclusion that these are traces of water paleovolcano. After all, before there was Khvalynskoye sea — complete Gennady Belimov. Alas, it is no anomaly. But such beauty, for which people go for the three sea. And here it is — next door. '

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