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February 2, 2013 15:00

One of Jim's drawings, which capture his encounter with aliens

One of Jim's drawings, which capture his encounter with aliens

In May 1995, Jim Sparks, the 41-year-old landowner from a small town in Northern California, there was an incredible event. Jim told him about Linda Moulton Howe, American journalist and writer, ufologist, researcher of paranormal phenomena. Here is the story of Jim in her writing.

Air transport

It all started at about 3:30 am. I woke up from a low, like a buzzing sound. At the same time, I was sucked in the stomach, heart pounding, but my head is pounding. Soon turned into a buzzing wail, and the sound was deafening loud. I was paralyzed, I fell into a semiconscious state. Suddenly, I felt a climb over the bed, he saw that closer to the wall, which becomes transparent, disappears, and I "swim" through it. Then my mind was completely shut down.

When he awoke, I saw that I was at 35 meters above the ground and slowly lower down. Below me was an abandoned amusement park. I flew over the big "Russian Hill", and I was not afraid. I felt calm and relaxed, and the flight even gave me pleasure.

Soon I found myself meters in seven or eight from the ground, my body has taken a vertical position and was swinging like a pendulum. Then I saw the outlines of a dozen large creatures standing in a semicircle. Although still dark, I considered they were humanoid, but very large. At one point I fainted again.

In a circle of strangers

When he regained consciousness, I found myself standing among the twelve humanoids on Earth are almost closed circle. Their growth reached two meters, and they all looked at one, standing to my left.

The only light was the face of a stranger, resembling glowing hologram human face superimposed on his face. Perhaps this was done in order to hide from me, his true face. But when the alien opened his mouth without any sound was heard, and the voice which I perceived telepathically, not consistent with the movement of the lips.

During the communication, I realized that each of the humanoids apparently broadcast his thoughts leader — the one with the glowing face. It turned out that they had a common understanding, and that's what he gave me.

Jim Sparks - Alien Envoy

Jim Sparks — Alien Envoy

Fears for the fate of the Earth

— There are several things that you, the people of Earth, need to understand. We are in contact with your government and the security forces.

Between us there had been some agreements that are kept secret from the rest. We have made contact with your leaders because your planet is in grave danger. Your leaders said that the majority of the population is not yet ready to meet with beings like us, so we have not yet agreed to reveal themselves.

We also agree that you will be taken to improve the environment on this planet according to our advice and the use of our technology. But this arrangement violated your government.

The stranger paused, a pause.

— So you really lost faith in us? — I asked.

— No. Now we focus on the common people. Your air and water are poisoned, plants die. Your supply chain is formed by several explosions. People have a lot of nuclear and biological weapons, leading to radiation and environmental pollution of the planet. Earth is overpopulated. You have almost reached a critical point. There are other ways to meet the needs for food and energy, without causing any damage to the environment. Those who are in power, are able to begin to apply these methods in the world.

— Why do not they do it? — I asked.

— Those who are in power, consider this technology as a security threat.

Then I got angry and in the hearts cried

— So, are you saying that people in our governments could save our planet, but do not do anything for this?

— Need a complete amnesty. For those who commit misconduct, being in power, and those who hush up the truth. This is the only way to give leaders the opportunity to open people's truth. And you need to do to work together and survive.

The last words to me were a bitter pill to swallow. I knew that most abduktantov considered visionaries and subjected to ridicule. Often they simply declare crazy. But it is time for reason to prevail over emotion. And I said,

— And how all this fits me and people like me? What could we do?

— The fact that you are already doing. In the future, we will share with you an extensive knowledge. Although you already know a lot, we will show you a lot more. Continue to work with people who come to you with questions and suggestions. They are willing to learn, and we believe their foundation. The most important thing — the state of our planet. We gave you advice. In the near future you will get more information.

While our conversation went on, it began to rain. But aliens are not only tried to hide from him, they did not move. Yes, they did not have to do that — and they are, and I remained completely dry. Not a drop fell on us. I think that we protect some energy field.


Then the aliens said:

— It's time.

At this point, I thought: "Wait, please! I have a request. I want to see what you look like. "
Their answer, I will not forget, is still alive:

— What you see, fill your heart with dread.

— I'm not scared — I said — if you go, and without looking at me, I will wave his hand. Promise will wave.

Now I realize how stupid was my request. Before me stood the aliens from distant depths of the galaxy, belonging probably to the most advanced intelligent beings. They knew the answers to the questions plaguing mankind since time immemorial.
And what I asked them? "Wave your hand to me!"

Then something strange began. Before all the aliens came whirling shiny greenish stain. The light was becoming brighter, and I could see that they were real giants with a well-developed body, powerful shoulders and a thick muscular neck. As the shape of a humanoid loomed ever more clearly, I really began to embrace fear.

Humanoid head resembled snake

Humanoid head resembled snake

They — Reptoids

— So you're covered with scales! — Could not resist, I cried. Large heads resembled humanoid snake.

Skull every stranger was a form that seemed to mind sticks out and hangs over his forehead covered with folded skin. Small — like ours — rhomboid eyes were red pupils. All aliens raised their hands and waved to me. Their hands were large and strong, with thick fingers on the ends that are hardly suitable for use with thin devices.

But they are certainly in control of their art by teams, give mentally.

For a while I stood and stared at them, fascinated by the exciting and colorful spectacle. The appearance of these reptoids suggests that perhaps it is with such a bound reference to a snake in the descriptions of Enoch adventures contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the biblical Book of Genesis.


In my mind, sounded their message.

Now I was sure that our country has already got in touch with aliens. Most Americans believe that they are a well-kept. But what really excited me was their words about the sorry state of our planet! Then I felt myself drawn somewhere with growing speed, and the next time I passed out …

After this meeting, I better understand their intentions. They are for us — not well-wishers, no enemies. I think the aliens secretly dwelt among us for thousands of years, and maybe longer. But the important reason why they are here. I am sure that they have grown as a feedstock.

We, the people, are self-reproducing natural product that does not require a lot of care and still continues to proliferate, despite all the problems that exist in the world. Thank God, we do not kill the humanoids, and just use it.
Now, however, a problem, and their "investment" in jeopardy.

They spent a lot of time to get here, and a lot of effort to "cultivate" us. Now we are on the path of self-destruction is almost irreversible.

Most of us do not feel indifferent to this reality or perceive it, because we are still able to walk into a store and buy your own food. Going to work and coming back home, we do not see how our planet is dying. And if we do destroy our world, the aliens will still be the winner. They collected the seeds of the plant, the seed of animals and people.
Stocked using eggs and sperm, they will once again recreate humanity. And maybe the world foundation for establishing a different life, but without our participation. After all, you can start all over again — either here or anywhere else …

Translated from English
Ilya Konstantinov

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