Archaeologists are conducting research in the Valley of the Kings, Tuva

Sayan archaeological expedition in Tuva, which is organized by the Russian Geographical Society, completes season. Archaeologists and students from Novosibirsk, Kyzyl and St. Petersburg were in the "Valley of the Kings", which is located about 200 Scythian burial mounds.

In these places, with numerous rivers and forests rich people lived in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age people are molded pots, Scythians buried their leaders and created myths. All this is confirmed by the numerous artifacts — archeological sites, and in this connection it is unfolding major archaeological sites.

For two months in the Tuva valley running expedition, but the most important discoveries are being found in recent days. Archaeologists managed with great difficulty to dig deep graves that were flooded by groundwater, but not plundered the descendants of the Scythians. In his original camp, scientists have equipped warehouse, which is now filled with many everyday objects of ancient people.

"This belt — here chew strap on which hung a dagger in a sheath and arrows" — shows a senior fellow of the St. Petersburg Institute of Material Culture Kilunovskaya Marina.
Knife, dagger, arrows, razor sharpening stone — all the components of a man's suit. Necklace, earrings and a mirror — polished copper surface — it was found in female graves. Just a small spoon, which is believed to archaeologists, was necessary for the use of opium. Their language was Iranian, but the structure of the skull were Caucasians. Found during excavations in the main only fragments of dishes, but this pot IV century preserved for us Tuvan earth completely.

"Russia is a place recognized archaeological paradise. Monuments here various times — from Paleolithic to the present. Here there is everything for every taste, you only need to find, "says archaeologist Karamyshev Sergey.
Scientists suggest that in the Valley of the Kings is about two hundred mounds, which belong to the era of the Scythians. This summer, the archaeologist was able to study more than 30 cemeteries. For the study of archaeological sites archaeologists have three more years, because after the land of the Scythians first appear in Tuva railway.

Excavation work on a huge number of highly qualified specialists, but there can not and will not be otherwise, because such scientific and historical studies require a good knowledge base and appropriate education. Although there are people who prefer to buy here a college degree or higher education institution, and not to spend several years in education. The fact is that despite the widespread condemnation of the press and the public, for some people it is a great opportunity to save time.

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