Are the citizens of the Russian Federation to protect the country in the event of a major war? (Poll)

Noticeable survey conducted by "Levada-center". More than 1,600 people were interviewed in 45 Russian regions in terms of their action in the event of a major war in which the enemy would attack Russia. Respondents were citizens of the Russian Federation over the age of 18 years. After the analysis of the acquired data it was found that volunteers to go to defend the homeland only 21% of those surveyed. About 23% said they would go to the front, will be called upon if the military commissariat. 26% of respondents pronounced that are unlikely to be subject to appeal to the front, but the one in ten, not hiding, said he was ready in the event of aggression against the Russian Federation to move beyond the limit, and specifically to a country where there will be "quieter". Exactly 20% have not decided what to answer the spices, "Levada-center" issue.

Through a typical monitor purchased in the "Levada-center" of the data, it can be said that least 45% of Russians are now willing to stand up for freedom and independence of the country in which they live. It turns out that most of the people of the Russian Federation or rely on these same 44-45%, or just rely on the timely receipt of Schengen or U.S. visa or are preparing to open yourself zanogo Promised Land.

People who have decided that they can always sit in one of the foreign countries, the following reasons lead to why they will not go to fight a war of their homeland. According to the views of many of them, none of the principles for which it was possible to stand up for Russia "under the gun". Like, on the wealth of the country profited a handful of oligarchs, but for the majority of Russians fall to only a paltry crumbs from the "master's" table. Say, would be another power — I would hoo … and if the current government is better to sit out under the shadow of the flag of another State …

Reasons that are "conscientious objectors", in principle, tune raisonné of those who now do not lust own constitutional obligations such as the service in the Russian army. And these reasons it is difficult to name the new all the same words that now, he says, the government will overcome corruption, hazing, will raise the standard of living will free society from drug and alcohol addiction, cope with the "werewolves" in uniform, and we will stand together to the defense of this country, and while we were bribes smooth. But all these words are less than a screen that allows you to hide the real case for the implementation of duty of man and citizen. You can use your loaf, that same 10% of "refuseniks" rush as soon as the ability to fight, if it turns out that the average salary in RF suddenly increased by 5 times. You can think of it, that these people will stand "under the gun" if read in a newspaper article about that the next general corrupt stripped of his rank and subjected to terrible punishment.

Speaking frankly, all these words about government corruption and the total drug in the community — it's just an excuse which created for their own self-removal from the solution common to all people RF problems. It's amazing to hear the person which to justify their own unwillingness to protect the borders RF, says bribery. In this case, hunt to find out, and perhaps the man himself did not participate in the cultivation of Russian corruption, or maybe he never tried to solve their problems with a specific envelope with cuts or pros, speak out so that a gentleman's set in the form of brandy, coffee and chocolate.

Certainly, much easier to claim that we have in the country, they say, everything is bad, and we'll roll to the side of the cliff. This approach can justify almost everything for every one of those who decided that he was living in that country only, so that at a certain point (when the country is in danger), make your own suitcase and run across to where the quieter, drier and warmer . And much more difficult to think that this is another bout of immaturity in which hunt believe that I am not, and a neighbor pick up a gun and protect me in person from the outside enemy.

But do not think that the situation in which the honor and independence of Russia are ready to stand less than half of its male population, formed only at the moment. And on the eve of Russian war majestically enough of those who were convinced that we were going to German, but liberation, army, and as the army doshagali to Moscow, so all the jars and start drinking Bavarian beer and eating fried sausages, praising the new democratic government.

Well, what can you do, if our system of education and training in some cases, apparently, gives a severe crash. It is a pity that due to the new educational standards of the number of such failures over time will only increase in value and 10% willing to move beyond the limit in the event of a major war against Russia soon, unfortunately, will not seem so impressive.

But no desire to draw the picture of the apocalypse nationwide, and hunting place that Russian society, no matter what ideology over state power nor had some of its representatives will be able to independently assess their role in the life of the country. After all, in the end, specifically society picks power, and particularly society represents your values. A sample of these processes exclude himself look like something I do not quite in civic …

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