Area affected by the fire in the Kurgan region was 4.5 thousand hectares

The total area covered by a forest fire in force a few kilometers from the village of Old Clearance Kurgan region of 4.5 thousand hectares, according to the regional administration.

Natural fire was four kilometers from the village of Old Clearance on Friday, on Saturday it was localized. According GUMCHS region from Friday to Sunday, the total area affected by fires in the area Ketovskom area was 1.2 hectares.

"The total area affected by fire in the village of Old clearance is (as of Monday) 4.5 thousand hectares," — are reported words of the deputy director of the Department of Natural Resources of the Kurgan region Zoe Nevolin.

According to the administration, burned 3.6 thousand hectares of forest. Threats to human settlements in present time.

GUMCHS Russia's Kurgan Region reports that the fire fighting involved 313 people, involved 87 vehicles. To extinguish the air brought the helicopter Urals Regional Emergency Center Mi-8 overflow device.

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