Armless woman became a teacher at the school



Mathematician Mary Gannon of Ohio, who was born without upper extremities, learned to write on the blackboard with legs.


Mary Gannon from Lakewood, Ohio, born without both hands, became a teacher of mathematics in high school, despite the limited physical capabilities.

According to the woman, in early childhood, parents abandoned it due to illness. The first 7 years of her life she spent in an orphanage in Mexico. At 8 years old she was adopted American family, and she moved to live in Ohio.


All my life I wanted to be a teacher of a girl, but this was a physical handicap hurdle. Over time, Mary learned how to perform simple actions only by foot.

— I really do not like being called disabled — said Gannon. — This word has a negative energy. I feel like a complete and with all the excellent job.

After graduating, Mary decided to get into one of the local schools. The administration of the institution was extremely surprised Gannon abilities: the teacher free to use the computer and wrote on the blackboard.

— At first, the kids thought that she needed constant care, but Mary proved to be a real expert — assured fellow mathematician. — Of course, it is not only the best teacher in our school, but all over the county.

Disability did not stop Mary intention to obtain a driving license: a woman sits alone at the wheel and get to work by car.

— Teacher inspires us every day and shows by example that everyone should learn to overcome difficulties and to achieve the goal in spite of obstacles — shared one of his disciples, Mary, Jaden Johnson.

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