Armored car Bulat Sakhalin handed police

The machine is based on a three-axle KAMAZ easily overcomes obstacles

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, June 7, SakhalinMedia. During his visit to the North Caucasus in Mozdok Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the leaders of AMIA Russia's Sakhalin region handed over to the police who are on a business trip, a modern armored vehicle "Bulat", RIA SakhalinMedia to the website of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Sakhalin . Armored car based on a three-axle weight of 10.5 tons KAMAZ has a top speed of 110-120 km / h and easily overcomes the mountain barriers and marshy swamps.

"Bulat" is equipped with high armor class "6-A", which can withstand a direct hit by bomb, released from any type of small arms. Another important innovation that designers have used from the Scientific and Production Association "Protection" Fryazino Moscow region — it bronekapsuly troop compartment, which serves to accommodate the personnel and crew. It is equipped antivzryvnym device able to withstand the undermining of a mine up to 20 kg of TNT.


PS Placed in this blog because they do not find suitable for the Interior Ministry. If that — bear.

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