Armored Car Scorpion LTA from protection

Corporation "Protection", for many years engaged in the development of armored vehicles, presented a sample of the new generation of technology. This LTA — light tactical vehicle. It is an impressive step forward in the development of the line "The Scorpion".

Curb weight of a five-seater car is 4.3 tons load capacity is 1.5 tons. LTA is equipped with a diesel engine of 6.6 liters, delivering 280 horsepower and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Torque in excess of 700 Nm is achieved at 1,800 rpm, providing excellent traction, allowing you to climb a slope greater than 30 degrees and overcome the heaviest mudslide. High throughput is also associated with the presence of a large ground clearance. The car is not terrible bank angle of 17 degrees.

Armament LTA — 7.62-mm machine gun PKM. In addition, the vehicle has a circular machine to install a 12.7-mm machine gun "Kord" or automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 (30). The crew can fire from handguns through the slits in the sides.

LTA has a high degree of protection (Class 6A GOST). Armor, covering the body, engine, batteries and fuel tanks can withstand getting 7.62mm rifle bullet (SVD) with armor-piercing core. The car retains the crew life when triggered an explosive capacity of 6 kilograms of TNT under the wheel or under the bottom of the machine.

In the new complaint addressed to the Russian law enforcement agencies armored cars of previous generations. Development and demonstration of LTA mean: her traditional and long-standing producers in Russia and abroad, a serious competitor. About a lot of evidence and a willingness to "protect" to comparative tests which demonstrate the capabilities of the machine corporations and unique light tactical vehicle.

LTA creators plan to demonstrate new military vehicles at the "Integrated Security", which will be held this week at the Exhibition Centre.

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