Armored Car Wolf-Convoy: done in 10 days!

In the closed part of the cabin, "Engineering Technologies" held recently in Zhukovsky, a very limited number of people could see a new development of "military-industrial complex" — armored "Wolf-Convoy" or otherwise "Wolf-K."

One option armored MIC-3927 "Wolf" to "TVM-2012"

This armored vehicle intended to carry a specially protected persons from the country's leadership. The idea of constructing a machine of this class, was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the exhibition ground weapons EUROSATORY-2012 in the context of the general discontent "surrender position" in the design and manufacture of armored cars to foreign companies and various joint ventures — a reference to the activities of concern "Oboronservis" and opposition industry groups and the Ministry of Defense. During the meeting with the representatives of Rogozin's "Company" MIC "was read the more recent case of a happy rescue unnamed VIP-persons being in an armored car" Tiger "and fell under fire from the ambush, which was set up by a gang of Chechen terrorists. Later, this story has become so well known to the public with the words of the head of "Company" MIC "Dmitry Galkin, said in an interview with the program"Master plan"(" Expert-TV "), and then from blog Denis Mokrushina, exhibited a photograph armored car after he was shot by bandits. 

Command and Staff Armored "Tiger" Ambushed terrorists.

That is against this background, Mr Rogozin and it has been very vague wish that the desirability of establishing on the basis of the "Tiger" special vehicles for travel and maintenance in hazardous areas of the political leadership, as well as the leadership of military and security forces. That is to say, to replace the armored "gelendenvagenov" and "saburbanov." A little later, the idea Rogozin has been issued in the form of an oral order. At the same time, the leadership "Company" MIC "went on an unprecedented marketing move — it was decided to carry out the assignment of the Deputy Prime Minister for a period of less than 10 days! Right as once the war … So did the tanks and self-propelled guns on Stalin's orders. According to initial plans, the car had to be performed on the chassis of the same "Tiger", but calculations showed that provide the required level of protection, place all the equipment and provide a comfortable space for passengers in the "Tiger" will not succeed. According to this, the basis was taken a heavy platform from the "military-industrial complex" — the vehicle chassis with a high level of ballistic and mine protection "Wolf." Tom also helped by the fact that the "Wolf" was originally conceived not as an armored personnel carrier (a "Tiger" is still the APC, though small), as well as a full car class MRAP. equipment "Wolf-K" is impressive: here are the latest systems secure communications systems, jamming radio controlled fuses, atisnayper by the sound Antisnayper on optics and much more. All of this is adjacent to the level of comfort executive limousine . Exhibition in Paris conducted its work from 11 to 15 June. Exhibition opened in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on June 27. During this short time had made a huge amount of work. Not all failed in the standard form — a piece of equipment was just smaketirovano., however, and what has been done — impressive. CEO "Company" MIC "Dmitry Galkin was happy — the machine has produced the desired effect on the customer, the representatives of the FSO, the FSB, MVD, Research Protection, GUVO, stationary areas (in the sense of the former 8 MOI) stamping his humbly, in a hurry to see feel a new miracle machine. However, the first party agencies "Wolf-K" is not "light" — but they had never been on a "tank maxi". As far as a "prescriptive method" useful Homeland distribution projects is difficult to say, but here's what we can say for sure is that our Russian "defense industry" can not only work well, but also, if need be, and very quickly.

According to our own correspondent on "TVM-2012" Sergei T.

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