Armored Tigers will be assembled in Belarus

Now, on the balance of the Russian army are 200 "Tigers", but to write them are not going to, machines will be used in special units as army jeeps. Most of these machines have a third class of protection in accordance with GOST 1996 — at such parameters armor breaks from conventional machine from a distance of 10 meters.


Recently, the Defense Ministry has bought dozens of "Tigers" GAZ-233014 (with American engine Cammins) and GAZ-233114 (with Russian engine JAMZ-534), certified internal troops of the 5th class. However, this certificate refuse to trust the military. The rumors that the Russian "Tiger" of the local military authority has chosen the Italian armored Iveco LMV M65 (the Russian version is called the "Lynx"), appeared repeatedly in the past, but the specific time stop procurement "Tigers" has not yet been called.


Explaining the reasons for the choice of Italian cars in the Main Armor Management Defense Ministry indicated good protection of the armored car, able to withstand even the undermining of a powerful land mine. In turn, the military-industrial complex in the state: "Tiger" with a protection class 6A, providing similar fighting properties, is almost ready.


Security classes are distinguished by the ability to withstand the pounding of your different types of weapons. In this case, it's about protecting capable of withstanding even getting an armor-piercing rifle bullets of 7.62 mm. According to the Russian defense industry, "Tiger" class 6A better "Lynx" and safer for the crew.


And the main advantage of "Tiger", according to producers, is a welded hull. After contact is more or less large munition "Lynx" in the fighting compartment car a pressure drop due to the dispersed gaps in armor plates that could cost the lives of the crew. However, the Russian Defense Ministry refused to listen to these arguments.


Time, they say, is gone. If we turn to the opinion of the independent military experts, the latter confidently state that, in fact, "Tiger" is no worse than the "Lynx".



According to them, the whole thing just that by buying "Lynx", the Defense Ministry intends to gain access to modern Italian automotive technology. Italians achieve the engines and suspension, as well as the principles of their acquisition of armored vehicles in the Russian Defense Ministry plans to use in the development of the Russian high wheeled platform to create modular armored vehicles "Boomerang".


But this seems to be quite rational approach, as experts warn, could destroy a very important direction of development of the Russian automotive industry. Perhaps it was to keep the important developments in the design and manufacture of armored vehicles, the representatives of the defense and automotive industry in Russia today, and consider options for setting up the production of armored cars "Tiger" in Belarus.


Potential customers of this military equipment in Belarus can become internal forces and special operations forces. Noteworthy is the fact that the developer and manufacturer of "Tiger" of "Arzamas Machine Building Plant" is, as it says on the website of the company, "the perimeter control" of "military-industrial company", which in turn is a subsidiary of OAO " Russian Machines ".


It is known that the JSC "Russian Machines" made repeated attempts (in truth, unsuccessful) to include in its sphere of influence of the Belarusian enterprise automotive industry, especially Maz. Under these circumstances the organization of the means of "Russian Machines" build armored cars "Tiger" in the squares of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (or other entity) looks quite real project.


Another possible candidate for the role of the partner "Russian Machines" could become Borisov plant repair armored vehicles.


In the future the Belarusian army and Interior Ministry units can get on arms produced in Belarus, Russian-designed armored vehicle. Belarus can be organized assembly armored vehicle "Tiger" development Arzamas Engineering Plant.


About this newspaper Defense Ministry "Red Star," said Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Sergei Gurulyov. According to him, are already in talks with potential investors regarding the implementation of several investment projects, one of which involves the assembly of a special vehicle "Tiger" on the areas of "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant" with the subsequent localization of production and exports, reports newspaper

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