Art installations: Figures from the clouds in the sky



The numeric code of the clouds in the sky over the city of Auckland. California 12.09.2012g Five synchronized aircraft equipped with matrix technology skywrite brought the first 1000 numbers an infinite sequence of Pi "at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Jets did a loop around the Bay Area, and each room was over a quarter of a mile high.




Artists, programmers and scientists have teamed up to bring all of pi, the ratio of the circumference to its diameter, written in the clouds. The figures appeared in the sky, and then vanished like smoke … Pi in the Sky is the largest ephemeral art installation to date.

Schedule installations in the Gulf:

San — Jose 11:45 am

Fremont-11: 54 AM

Hayward, 11:59 am

Oakland-pm 12:06

Berkeley 12:08 pm

San — Francisco, 12:13 pm

San — Bruno 12:23 pm

San — Mateo, 12:27 pm

Redwood City, 12:31 pm

Video from a different angle:



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