Asipenka: I thought that in the Investigations Department are working decent people …

The political prisoner Vladimir Osipenko November 5 was released from prison in Ivatsevichy. Vladimir Osipenko was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for the transportation and storage of weapons. Along with him was also convicted Autukhovich, Mikhail Kozlov and Alexander Larin.

Autukhovich involved in the case was released on parole. Osipenko been in custody since February 2009, 1 year and 4 months — at the detention center.

Vladimir Osipenko — Guest "Night of freedom."

Sous: Who is the first to congratulate you on the loose?

Osipenko: Meet me on the freedom of my daughter Ludmila and her husband, Vladimir. I wrote to them on the eve of what could release me. They received a letter on November 4 Ivatsevichy in a trial that will treat my business. When you call up the court, they found that the application of the colony for my release was granted, and in the morning on November 5 they already called the authorities of the colony, which they said I was free.

At the same time I was allowed to call home. When I dialed the mobile phone's daughter, she said that they had left behind me. It was so nice to hear — I felt proud of their children, they have provided, have thought of everything to the last detail.

And of course, the meeting was an emergency.

Sous: First impressions on the loose after a year and nine months in prison?

Osipenko: I'm happy with what I saw of my family was able to hug them. I can see how it's good to see me, as they are proud of me. This is the highest score I've ever received in my life. It was nice to know that you finally can do whatever you want …

On the way home daughter took me to Zhirovichi monastery, where I ordered a service for the peace of mind of my relatives who have died during my imprisonment — my cousin and brother of my father, the last man of the older generation Osipenko.

Sous: After the verdict your family thought that you will be released on parole rather quickly, as they say daughter in May. Yet now November. Why do you think you are released now?

Osipenko: I am also hoping that I will soon be released, especially since my article, I explained to the chief spetschastki prison, came under the amnesty. So I was not after the trial and was sent immediately to the colony, and kept for a long time in jail. I asked why they are doing it, and I was told that maybe I will apply to the amnesty and released.

But later, when the amnesty law was passed in the second reading, my article appeared in the law among those that are not subject to the application of amnesty to the release. I could only take one year.

I have a term of parole was advancing on August 8, and, as I explained in spetschasttsy, I could not parole vyzvaleits without the use of the Amnesty Law. I waited for a year will be removed, and this time went on. Even it is not clear why this happened-great use to me, I was informed amnesty on October 3, and in fact, I learned that the decision on the application of the amnesty was signed on September 10 — so nearly a month I had not been informed. Apparently, it was a conscious delay. The administration apparently waiting for orders of higher authorities.

SousDuring the investigation, your daughter is getting married, you are asked to let you to the wedding, and then you actually exposed conditions to testify against Autukhovich. As far as blackmail at all common in the investigation?

Osipenko: I was surprised at all the style of work of such organizations as the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigation to the right. I thought that work there are decent, educated people. But what did the Deputy Chief of the Investigative council Klochko, I was very impressed. He naturally knocked testimony through arbitrary arrests, witnesses put the camera in the jail. Of course, his actions have the offense, and he should be punished.

I remember Kozlov, who like anyone else were clear all illegal methods of investigation, the trial talked about it, called the article violated Klochko, but the judge did not respond to his words.

Besides Autuhovich I was asked to testify at Valery Frolov and other famous personalities. But, of course, they were refused.

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