Astral plane — a plan visualization

December 27, 2011 22:44

The Astral Plane

Considering the hierarchy of worlds, we did not say a word about the "astral realms" of which so much has been said in the beginning.
As we shall see, this was some evidence, and yet the place of these "sheets" and related "worlds" occupy the so-called "astral worlds"? First try to find out the traditional use of the term "astral". Analysis of occult literature shows that representatives of different schools have invested in this concept different content.

Thus, Paracelsus, and after him, and other representatives of the school of the "northern initiation" called the beginning, the control of autonomic functions of the body, "astral body", believing that it is composed of an interplanetary or astral ("star") of the substance, so that influenced stars . Papus says that the astral body — is the animal soul, the intermediary between the body and the spirit. A.V.Troyanovsky in the preface to the book Leadbeater "astral plane" notes that "revival beings" is only one of the functions of the astral, adding that "the formation of the existing material, the astral body is formed clichés." Handel, on the contrary, believes that "for intrauterine dense body is constructed from the matrix of the etheric body." Classifying material related to that topic Ramacharaka concludes that etheric and astral body — it amounts to the same thing, but prefer to use the latter term: "The astral body is the original, which is based on the physical body."
Representatives of the theosophical school "southern initiation" was considered as "the organizing factor of the physical body," it is essential, not the astral body. "The mothers, who serves as a vehicle for such phenomena of our mental nature, as passion, emotions, feelings and emotion, matter more subtle than air, … got the name" Astral "- because of its properties of light in the darkness."
For the northern schools are more common presentation is the "separation of the astral body" (the physical) and not on the "exit to the astral plane." Highlighting the astral body can travel through this world, while remaining invisible (see 40). From the point of view of the southern schools such phenomenon should be called the release of air, not the astral body. Representatives of this school emphasize that the "transition" from the physical to the astral means primarily "a provision of the soul through time and space," that is output in a "parallel" to the physical world, called "astral plane."
While the term "astral body" actually duplicates such thing as "etheric body" (northern school) and the "vital body" (South High School), the term "astral plane" really can not be reduced to any of the above plans (etheric, pranic , vital). The fact is that all these plans normally coexist with the physical: we can accept any of them, along with the world. On the contrary, the astral plane can only partially break * on the physical conditions in the self-perceived exaltation or in a disease — for example, during delirium tremens.
* Clearly, this applies only to spontaneous breakouts, Tibetan Buddhists, for example, through a special visualization practice is combine the physical world with the world of visions, and combine up to the point that losing criteria differences between these two worlds. This is done, however, is not in order to "ensure development" in the reality of the astral plane, but on the contrary, "experimental convinced" that the physical world is not much different from the visualizations generated by the mind of the practitioner.
"Exteriorization astral body in fact is the first step in that mysterious area, called the death" (40). Leadbeater determines the astral plane as a "lower realm of the invisible world, where a person falls immediately after death — Hades (Hades) or Hades by the Greeks, purgatory or transient existence of Christians …". "Peace of heaven" he called, respectively, "the mental plane." However, the analysis of his work shows that in the first and in the second case, it is nothing less than how the visualization of certain experiences. According to Leadbeater, "peace of heaven" (mental) is different from the "world of shadows" (astral) only in that the experiences and images are more pleasing and sublime.
Use of the term "mental plan" in such an application makes to this already convoluted subject of additional and unjustified confusion — even full access to the mental plane (immersion in the flow of the loss of mental perception of the external world) is not necessarily associated with visualization. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary confusion is appropriate in relation to any kind of visualized events use only the term "astral plane" — the more so in the discourse to popular term — "astral" associates with visualization.
Thus, the astral plane — a plan visualization, which each of us unwittingly falls during dreams (see 45, 130): as a clear light hidden waking consciousness, the "star" the world a glimpse into our dreams, just as the stars reveal their existence only after sunset. The "once and it should be noted that the new" place "or new areas where the soul goes, means nothing more than a change of state of the soul."
Strictly speaking, this is not about the astral plane (because as an independent "space plan" that is, the frequency range of the general field, "astral" does not exist), but of copying the space-time continuum astral holographic screen on which are projected various plans events .
As previously stated, the events that we face in the "astral", are three-dimensional visual "transcription" of processes on various floors of the body and mind. This is the "astral hologram" of events in various "cover" and associated "wrapper", the aggregate of which makes the whole process of our perception of ourselves and the world. Thus, the "astral exit" is a sort of collapse, in which consciousness is a kind of "falling into their own cellars" and falls into the "magic theater" hidden mechanisms of their "frontal activity."
When considering the "actor groups" of the theater, special attention should be paid to areas with borderline Manomaya, let's call them "zones of needs." So, between Pranamaya and Manomaya zone is individually-organic (food, self-preservation) and species (sexual and parental) needs, and between Manomaya Vidzhnyanamayey — social (communication and hierarchical) and ideal (need for knowledge and creativity — including the need for an evolutionary development). It is in the "areas of need" to dwell in the words of Shakespeare, "god, that gives shape to our intentions, obtesyvaya them according to their own desires."
With a certain independence of the spheres experienced psychic phenomena and conscious goal-setting — in fact, defining the nature of the processes taking place here, "zone needs" is the main source of "independent entities" astral projected onto the stage. For those who "have ears" is not superfluous to cite in this connection the following statement by Marx: "No one can do anything without doing it at the same time for any of your needs …"
Now consider the region as visualized correspond to different chakras.
Powell writes that "in addition to its other features are the connection points Chakra forces moving from one shell to another." In other words, the "stretching" of the levels of perception and the associated "space plan" exists not only between the centers (the higher chakra, the more "elevated" level), but also within each center. Each center is a point to connect to all plans, that is, can work in all ranges of the universal field. Therefore, from the same plan can receive information of various kinds, depending on what a center it goes.
However Chakras "spread" over the levels of perception unevenly can speak for the weak, good, strong contacts of various centers with certain plans. Accordingly, and in the "astral worlds," rendered in different chakras, are predominant projection of different plans ….
"The seed to give birth to a new escape and new fruit must die" — saying, well known occult tradition. That's just no one wants to die.

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