Astral travel and danger

December 13, 2011 21:00

Today Paranormal and psychic abilities of human gradually become commonplace in our lives. If before such a condemned and conceals, now known to the public permanently become different kinds of information that go beyond the usual attitude. One of the most mysterious supernatural manifestations are astral travel. Scientists still have not come to a consensus about what is actually astral and astral body of man, but completely deny the existence in our world of such phenomena they can not.
In order to penetrate into the essence of astral travel, you first need to understand what is the astral body or astral projection, without which travel in the astral plane is just impossible. Astral body (astral projection) — is part of the spiritual nature of man, which is involved in dreaming. This projection can be separated for a while from his vehicle and move in space. Hypothetically astral part of the person can also make travel to other worlds and time. But reliable evidence of this statement is not for the simple reason that at the return of the astral travels only partial information is stored, usually in small fragments.

Multiple modern doctrine of the possibility of a free exit of the astral body of man and the will of the conscious control of all events, including the astral movements, are just a way to attract attention and get them to buy the book or to join their organization. Even the greatest sages of all times warned against attempts to separate exit to the astral plane. This requires years of preparatory processes of consciousness and the disclosure of potential subconscious, part of which is the management of the astral body.
In addition, the risk of astral travel without special skills lies in the fact that the human mind is not available then a huge multi-space subtle matter, which falls in the astral body.

It is not simple and logically explainable, as it seems to some. In a world of subtle matter has its own rules of life, which are not known to mere mortals, so hasty actions could lead to disastrous consequences there. Astral, as well as our world is inhabited by various entities and not all of them are sympathetic to the man. In addition, making any proactive in trying to communicate with the other world, we open spatial portals through which there are various movements, including the astral. This means that through these portals can go to the astral plane is not only the human astral projection, but also enter into our world from an entity other spatial parallel.

Given the same opportunity to enter at the time of the astral body, the physical body of man will remain unprotected, and representatives of other worlds can take advantage and hurt him, in particular to take its essence. Then the astral body can not go back, because the wearer will be busy. To prevent this need before going to the astral plane to protect the body against all attacks by various amulets and magical characters (for example, traced a circle around the body).

The most common types of astral travel is a dream. Sometimes there are glimpses of a dream functioning of our consciousness. This manifests itself in the real knowledge that your body is asleep, and you see a dream and you can not control it. Also, feel out of the astral body during sleep can be a time when there is a sudden sensation of falling at high speed into some abyss. At this time, the heartbeat quickens, the ears hear the characteristic hum and felt some vibration, if you go down quickly in the elevator.
Whatever the astral journey actually, before you try to go into it, you need some time to think carefully about the appropriateness of such action. After all, there can be no guarantees, and you find yourself face to face with the unknown.

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