At 2.8 times increased foreign trade turnover of Buryatia since the beginning of the year


The foreign trade turnover of Buryatia in the period from January to April 2013 increased by 2.8 times and amounted to 387.8 million U.S. dollars. According to preliminary data of the Buryat Customs, the growth was due to increased exports by 3.4 times 

Amount of exports from foreign countries amounted to 345.63 million, from CIS countries — 0.40 million. Since the beginning of the year of Buryatia has collaborated with partners from 29 countries. Leaders of trade relations with the republic were China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, which account for 82.3% of the turnover of the republic.

Of Buryatia products were exported to 19 foreign countries and the CIS. Basically abroad went coal, aircraft, timber, logs and food products. In the structure of exports in January-April 2013, the share of engineering products, wood and pulp and paper industries, the share of mineral products.

Imports of goods for the period increased by 13.9% and amounted to 41.72 million U.S. dollars, including in foreign countries — 19.60, -22.12 to the CIS countries. The increase was mainly due to the supply of aircraft engines from Ukraine and the Czech Republic, the resumption of supply of horse meat from Mongolia, as well as the import of wheat. A decline in the supply of vegetables by 2.9% and fruits by 13.3% due to reduced supplies of apples and pears at 2% and citrus fruits — by 25.5%. The main import goods in January-April 2013 were turbojet engines, industrial equipment with electric heating, tractors, washing machines, fruit and vegetables, meat, horses, etc.

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