At least two people were killed in the raging fires in the Canary Islands

More than four thousand people were evacuated from the islands of the Canary archipelago because of increased forest fires there, victims of a fire on the island of La Gomera have at least two people, said on Monday the Western media.

According to the Associated Press, the victims of the flames were two firefighters, they died of his wounds in hospital. Two more of their colleagues in the hospital.

According to Reuters, the spread of fire to a strong wind and the steady heat of the islands — the air temperature reaches the mark of 40 degrees Celsius.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of last week, firefighters located the fires, the fire on Friday resumed with renewed vigor. In just three days the fire covered 200 acres of land on the island of Tenerife and 470 acres on the island of La Gomera.

Information on deaths and injuries were reported.

Forest fires in the Canary Islands in Spain, began more than a week ago. The first source of fire was reported on the island of La Gomera. A few days later the fire was covered by 3.1 thousand hectares of forest.

This summer in Spain, there were several large forest fires. In the second half of July, strong forest fire occurred in the province of Catalonia, which killed four people, the flames destroyed 14 000 hectares of forest.

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