At the Church of Boris and Gleb in Navahrudak replace the dome

Domes shall be those of their approval of the methodological council of the Ministry of Culture. At present, such a decision is not approved.

At the end of last week in Navahrudak at the Church of Boris and Gleb, a monument of architecture of the XVI century., Set tsybulepadobnyya gilded dome. In the process of establishing a "bulb" dismantled the tent completion of the towers of the church.

The priest, Father Nicholas Ors, referred to in this case that such a decision it has received from the scientific and methodological Council of the Ministry of Culture.

Similar work This year, instituted in June and caused the conflict because the intellectuals demanded an end to the reconstruction, which is not approved by the Ministry of Culture.

Onion dome appeared in the yard of the church in June.

This time the illegal reconstruction again first to react chairman of the Society for Protection of Monuments Anton Astapovich.

Knowing that there is no decision on the reconstruction, Anton Astapovich sent a letter to the Ministry of Culture to stop the work in Navahrudak and initiate administrative proceedings against the parish church and the responsible staff Novogrudskii executive committee. In addition, he appealed to the prosecutor's office Novogrudskaya.

Anton Astapovich

Astapovich"Despite this, all the same has been given go-ahead for the establishment of these domes. I immediately phoned the deputy chairman of the executive committee, and she started a conversation with me with a lie: she said that they have permission. Then I call the Ministry of Culture, and they say that there is not permission. "

The head of the regional department of culture Novogrudskii Alexander Karaganov said, "Freedom" that today from the regional department of culture came to Nowogrodek representative, and together they led the conversation with the rector of the church in this regard.

Karaganov"We prepare to the Church of Boris and Gleb idea that they have made changes to the dome on the basis of the decision of the Council. By the way, the decision of the Board is not signed. And the abbot will obey the decision of the Board of the Ministry of Culture and the decision of the district executive committee. "

Church of Boris and Gleb to the establishment of onion dome.

I tried to ask the rector of the church, Father Nicholas Orsy why the dome was replaced without the permission of the Board of the Ministry of Culture. In response, Father Nicholas said that with the non-state media, he does not cooperate.


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