At the former military Death Railway filmed in the jungles of ghosts



On the island of Borneo, on the road, which during the Second World War, the Japanese drove 2400 thousands of British and Australian prisoners of war, filmed frightening transparent silhouettes, like people walking.

Of those soldiers who died on the way from starvation and beatings or guards were killed with bayonets, by the end of the war were able to survive only six people. Therefore, this road is called the road of death.

Photo made retired Major John Tulloch (John Tulloch), who has studied this period of history, and especially arrived in Borneo to make pictures of the terrible places. When John began to discuss in detail the new pictures, then one of them, to their horror, spotted the silhouettes of walking skeletons or emaciated malnourished people.

Photos from the death of 1945

70 years ago on this road for a month and bare depleted British and Australians were driving through the jungle, attempting scoring and death to those not released advancing American troops. Only six survived, and it was because they were able to escape. This atrocity the Japanese considered the worst crime against Australian soldiers during the Second World War.


Struck Tulloch stared at the photo and in the end decided that it's just display the reflection of the white towel lying on the dashboard. He showed photos of other people and they called it a strange and frightening, ghostly silhouettes in the image was too similar to the figures of people. Even if it's true but a reflection of towels, due to a terrible death in the history of roads is not very much to believe.

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