Avalanche covered the village in Afghanistan

The number of victims of an avalanche that buried the night of Monday Dusty village, located at the junction of county Shinkai and Darvaz northern Afghan province of Badakhshan, has reached 47 people, according to the Afghan television channels.

More than 100 rescuers are trying to dig out possible survivors at home, so far they have managed to extract from the snow 47 dead bodies, three living women and one living child. Previously reported 37 victims of snow disaster.

On Monday night the avalanche buried the entire village, which is home to more than 200.

According to the deputy provincial governor Shams Ur-Rahman, the Afghan Defense Ministry sent to the disaster area to help rescue helicopters, but the state of emergency in the area continues to snow, aviation difficult. The official said that the number of victims of elements can be significantly increased.

All roads leading to the disaster zone from the provincial center — the city of Faizabad, inundated with snow, the first rescuers arrived at the scene of the incident only 12 hours after the avalanche and buried under a layer of snow village dug inhabitants of neighboring villages.

Prior to that, an incident in early January in Badakhshan under avalanches have killed more than 40 and injured more than 60 people.

The current tragedy comparable to the one that occurred in the Afghan Salang Pass in the Hindu Kush, in February 2010, when, under avalanches there killed 200 and injured more than 170 people.

According to Afghan forecasters, this winter in Afghanistan has become the snow and frost over the last 15 years.


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