Balezino: Life on the barrel himothodami

Residents Balezino Udmurt village, where at the end of last year was illegally drained about 160 tons of hazardous waste, the second week of live only rumors of the impending evacuation, study the properties of chemical agents and staged rallies, demanding the authorities to conduct an analysis of air and water content of life-threatening substances. In this case, according to the Emergencies Ministry, their lives and health is not threatened.

Commission for Emergencies Udmurtia March 22 introduced a high alert in the village Balezino, and whether local emergency due to the unlawful discharge of chemical waste there. Appearance to the life of the village emergency had no effect: there are shops, people walking the streets without masks and chemical protection suits. However, this tranquility is hiding many balezintsev internal tension: in a small town knows that there was a discharge of hazardous chemicals, shattered in an instant and has caused great discontent. People wonder why the district authorities, knowing what had happened since the end of last year, did not say anything to them.

"Now where are we? Dying us now, or what? They all knew," — says a resident Balezino Capitolina Kustova.

After the first act of the rally on the steps of the district administration, which took place a day after media reports of chemical waste in an abandoned bitumen coating plant, the district authorities have proposed to create an initiative group of residents of the village, it included ten.

In addition, some residents organized their own group. And they both need to give an exact date of commencement of waste disposal and have a lot of complaints to the behavior of water sampling and air in the village and in an abandoned factory. Recently published their latest results, but data on the presence in the air or water, carbon tetrachloride or its components are not available.

Why not told before

According to a former employee of the Department of Balezino Rospotrebnadzor Nina Root, which is part of the official initiative group of specialists of the local water utility has no money for such research.

"In the water, looking totally not what we would like it, do not study the tap water. We ask them the results, right now there is carbon tetrachloride and its derivatives. We ask them, but they do not, no money, we do not investigate, "- says Nina Kornev.

Official representatives of the initiative group cooperate with district authorities and participate in activities for emergency response in the asphalt plant — ride on water sampling and air together with the specialists.

In addition, the group independently wrote letters to Moscow. According to Helen Martyanova, which are collected in the office of the village activists who disagree with the official point of view on the situation Belezino residents sent a collective appeal to the president of Russia, signed by about 3 thousand of her fellow villagers.

Unofficial information

The main competition official information officials say residents are many rumors that spread in Balezino. Among the most popular: waste not only leaked bitumen in an abandoned factory, but in several places around the village, and during the evacuation of waste from the tank will begin evaporation of chemicals, and the people will hand out gas masks that have to live more than a week, the village operates laboratory GU MES of Russia in Udmurtia, which experts take samples of air and water six times a day, but the research results are so bad that they are classified and not published in the media. Poured oil on the fire, and some media published information that the villagers were taken out of their relatives, and the local doctors advise villagers to stay home and not go out without the need on the street.

All this is in the form of complaints residents voiced head of municipal formation "Balezino area" Rishat Muhgalimovu, who called this information implausible.

"One of the main TV channels, for example, said that the accident occurred in Udmurtia at the chemical plant. We did have a chemical factory, why you believe rumors, and the fact that we inform you, no?" — Asked Muhgalimov meeting with villagers.

He called the timing and the start of the removal of waste from the territory of an abandoned asphalt plant — 23-24 March. However, people are not much relieved, and they demanded that the district authorities by example to prove that the chemical waste illegally merged near the village, do not pose a threat to human life or health.

"(Let) regional power goes and sits in the tank and let it sit there three or four hours with the television. Then believe that we are in no danger," — said the administration gathered on the porch of Balezino district.

Did not know

Chapter Balezino Rishat Muhgalimov district — the former head of the Housing Authority of the district, where he often had to listen to complaints from villagers. But persuading people to spontaneous rally had the first time.

"At the first meetings came to 350-400 people, and now people are becoming smaller, mostly come the same people Balezino. Everyday, we bring to the residents of all the information that we have a, an initiative group of residents of the village," — says Muhgalimov .

To the question why the authorities so long to tell people about the chemical waste Muhgalimov responsible detail, telling detail about everything that happened in the last three months.

District head said railroad tank accident: 29 December last year to address operational issues, he came home to the head of the company that provides the village with fuel. His house is located next to the railway station, a dead end "Balezino" where the contents poured into a tank car.

Begin to figure out what kind of cargo and to whom it belongs, Muhgalimov to the police, which arrested a local resident in a row to unload hazardous waste and take them to the bitumen. Machine with which unloaded the first tank, found later. It turned out that it drove them to the Yaroslavl region of Udmurtia.

"A few minutes after we realized that the contents of the tank drained illegally, I called the Emergency Ministry, Rosprirodnadzor. Then collected by the Commission for Emergency Situations district. This CSF was decided to prohibit unloading cars and leave them in a deadlock. Afternoon December 30 calls went: "on what basis, how can you?." But I just said, "Balezino district — is not a dump waste." and managed to find a mediator, it was the former head of the Krasnogorsk region of Udmurtia Victor Matushkin "- says Muhgalimov.

For a whole month after the fact of discharge of waste was discovered, local authorities, together with the police and environmental authorities were looking for those who "ordered" the work, and those who agreed to drain the waste in an abandoned factory near the village Balezino.

Representatives of Izhevsk branch of LLC "PEC" Lenhimmash "from St. Petersburg, who, according to the documents, the owner of waste" Khimprom "(Cheboksary, the executive body of the company is the company" Renova Orgsintez ") commissioned the work for removal and disposal of carbon tetrachloride, even sent in District administration Balezino commitment letter with a promise to remove waste in the near future, but then just disappeared.

And the results of analysis of samples of material fused in bitumen, were ready only on March 12. According Muhgalimova, all this time the district authorities and do not know what they are dealing with, so they had nothing to inform the public.

"We saved the water that was in the bitumen. Substance that leaked … there is partially soluble in water, partially pushed it upward, causing a layer of ice formed in 30-40 inches. Rescuers have suggested waiting until the ice melts and deflate everything in the tank, but once the excitement up, now we will cut the ice and take out stuff in this form, "- says the head of Balezino district.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Former coating plant located a few kilometers from the village, if you go in a straight line, it turns out a little closer — even see the roofs of houses. The plant is located next to the existing road company, whose staff, despite being close to the discharge point, were not evacuated and work as before. And the bulldozer with a tractor that break new ground for the entrance of cars to bitumen work in casual clothes — without any means of protection. Since they do not talk to reporters, but turned off the recorder say that any health problems after a week of work next to containers filled with waste, they do not feel.

According to Republican control Rosprirodnadzor substance of the tanks and carbon tetrachloride — belong to the second (of five) Hazard and acutely toxic and a sink in the village was laid out.

Preparatory work for the removal of waste at the plant have been completed. This electricity, brought staff car, refurbished accommodation spaces for rescuers, who will work directly in the bitumen.

It is assumed that waste removal will take two weeks, then begin work on the reclamation of the soil around the storage and cleaning of its interior. Rescuers are working around the clock.

According to the Main MES of Russia in Udmurtia, no danger to life, health or time proximity of chemical waste, or their export from the region Balezino not represent. The substance will be transported in plastic containers, which will poison the landfill "Red Forest" in the Leningrad region.

The criminal investigation is under an abuse handling hazardous materials and waste continues. Guilty of illegal discharge of chemical waste in the Udmurt village Balezino until called. Director Izhevsk branch "Lenhimmasha" in a contract with a "Khimprom" had to be disposed of hazardous substances, from talking to reporters denied. According to the deputy prime minister of Udmurtia Ildar Bikbulatova the cost of the work and removal of waste assumed Novocheboksarsk "Khimprom".

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