Baltnefteprovod cleared the river near Novgorod after crash

All the water flowing in the Novgorod and Leningrad regions Pchevzha River contaminated after the accident at the 387 mile oil pipeline Palkino-Primorsk, collected during the aftermath of the accident, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Press Service, "Baltnefteprovod."

"Collected 65 cubic meters of water emulsion from the surface of the river is totally eliminated the oil film," — said in a press release.

According to the Company "Baltnefterprovod", "the cleaning of coastline (Pchevzhy) completed." Expiry dates press office shows no signs.

According to the press service, "Baltnefeprovod" works closely with the administration of the villages located along the river, in matters of drinking water.

According to the report, the company immediately organized a daily delivery of (population) 150 cubic meters of water.

As reported by the representative of the Novgorod Regional Emergency Management (UMCHS), leakage of about 18 cubic meters of petroleum products pipelines in the "Baltnefteprovod" in the village in Dubrova Lyubytinskom region Novgorod region occurred on May 14. Previously, the cause of the accident was a faulty valve. Of petroleum products fell into the nearby Pchevzhu. Pchevzhe remain on the boom. Its waters are under constant supervision of specialists.

Information about the cause of the accident and the damage from it RIA Novosti has not yet received.

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