Became known to the Oscar nominees

Recently, the world has become clear who among the actors will be nominated for the most prestigious award in the field of cinema golden Oscar.

The record for nominations was Spielberg film "Lincoln," which won Oscars already 12! The next film, a leader in the awards was named Ang Lee's acclaimed film, "Life of Pi."

One of the most deserving of nominations is the title of best film. Claim to the title such films as "Django released" C. Tarantino, "wild beasts of the south" B. Zaytlina, "Love" by Michael Haneke, "The Life of Pi" Ang Lee, "Operation Argo" Ben Affleck, "Lincoln" by Steven Spielberg "My guy — crazy" DO Russell.

The title of the best male actor also claims many famous actors. Among them, Daniel Day-Lewis film "Lincoln," Hugh Jackman from "Les Miserables" and Denzel Washington from the "crew."

Women do not lag behind men, so a lot of women's roles were played smartly. Compete for Oscar gold Kvenzhane Wallis, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmmanuel Reeve, Naomi Watts. Substantially all of the actress starred in the film, which was nominated for best film.

Best director of the past year could be any of the above directors best films.

Oscar nomination filled the theater in Beverly Hills. So it is an online broadcasting is an action that could see anyone. Moreover, it was learned who will be conducting the ceremony for an Oscar. Obtain golden statuettes will be actor Seth MacFarlane.

Voting will take place between the members of the special jury. What is, for the first time the ceremony members of the jury will use electronic voting.

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