Because of the rainy season in northern Thailand went under water. There is a threat of flooding in Bangkok

Flooding in Thailand.  Photo:

As a result of heavy rainfall flooded a number of provinces and interrupted rail service, said "New Region ".In flooded areas, the water level reaches one meter, according to Thai media.
Sunday was interrupted rail service in Bangkok and the north-eastern provinces. It was resumed only on Monday morning, according to the third national television in Thailand.
The water level in the Mekong River just one meter below the critical level. According to forecasters, in case of continued rains, water may flood the coastal areas of Thailand.
Showers are the result of a storm Nock-ten, had hit late last week on Vietnam. Despite the fact that Thailand has come much weaker storm, forecasters predict continued precipitation until the middle of the week. Debris flow warning declared in the provinces of North and Central Thailand.
As is known, in August in Thailand come at the beginning of the peak of the rainy season, which runs until October.
The threat of flooding of the Thai capital Bangkok occurs annually in September. The drainage system of the city had already unable to cope with the intense flow of water. Last year, the drainage system barely cope with the flow. Dam on the reservoir until the water has successfully anchored.

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