Belarusian Dnyuka already in Amsterdam


Today in Amsterdam, offers one of the largest and highly respected in the world of international documentary film festival. In the competition of student films takes tape "Dnyuka" young Belarusian documentary filmmaker Andrew Kutilo and Alexander Nalivayko, filmed for the TV channel "Belsat".

Rakytskyy: Competition to get into this festival very difficult. At the preview sent hundreds of movies, and in competition in each program include approximately fifteen films. Andrei Kutilo second attempt was successful. His film — among the thirteen selected by the organizing committee, which can already be called a success. The picture was made when he was a student of the Belarusian Academy of Arts. The film has already participated in three film festivals and on all three received prizes.

Splashed out: The first festival, which was attended by the film, was in Kosice, Slovakia. There channel "Belsat" for this band won the grand prize. Then a small independent film festival in the Ukrainian Lviv brought us the award for best documentary. And a few days ago, we received two special prizes for "Falling Leaves" in Minsk.

Rakytskyy: Explain, please, what does the name "Dnyuka"?

Boozed"This is the word of folklore, polis'ky dialect of the Belarusian language. This word-poleshuki villagers have suggested," If only the day went! "It means something prazhytstse, dnyavanne, being — a slow existence. Episodic One of the central characters of the characters says," Oh, you, d., Just to Dnyuka! "

Rakytskyy: In Amsterdam, the film will be screened under the English name of "Kill the Day". This option, in your opinion, would be more understandable Western audiences?

Splashed out: This name louder. Translator long sought such equivalent. And I think it is successful.

Rakytskyy: Name of the West will understand. And the audience will understand if there nevprygozhanuyu reality Polessie Belarusian village?

Splashed out: National — always universal. It is everywhere and always interesting. And if the director's, operator techniques of supra-national affairs, it is clear to everyone. Universal rises from the national one. When we get the emotion of the picture, from the dialogues of the atmosphere from space, while not so important where the film was shot. The main thing — feelings that are experienced.

Rakytskyy: What movie do you like to shoot? What is it, young director, closer to the cinema?

Splashed out: Something that touches me personally. And for me, not so much what and whom to shoot: Woodland or village or a big city, or the elderly or the young. The main thing that I knew the characters, imbued by their hands the destinies. And so I was sure that the viewer calls the appropriate feelings. Language of emotions — the main thing in the movie.

At the International Film Festival "Listapad" movie "Dnyuka" Andrew and Alexander Kutilo Nalivayko received two special awards — Film Critics and the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers.

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