Belt of the Mother of God is guilty of the baby boom?


What is it — really a miracle or just a coincidence? After 10 months, after the cities of Russia was driven Belt of the Virgin (according to legend, he heals from infertility and gives health), in many regions, where it has been exposed, there is a real baby boom: overcrowded hospital, and in the corridors of antenatal unusual to many moms.

Regional press in parallel with this issue happy and like each other stories — like the seemingly doomed to a childless couple after applying to the belt provided themselves with the long-awaited children. What is it — really a miracle or just a coincidence?


Statistics surprise to doctors

"In our city since the end of August marked increase in the birth rate — wrote in his LiveJournal head physician of the city hospital number 3 Ekaterinburg Alexander Halperin, who, however, attributed the rise to the prolonged winter holidays (but in this case, children would have to be an 8-month-old). — There now are born to 30 babies a day! You have to see how the statement. It is all reminiscent of the issuance of stock on hand: string machines

, a lot of people with flowers, balloons. I went in, came out with her mother and the child, and so on within a short period of time … "

The statistics prove surprising head physician: especially a lot of kids in the Urals came to light this summer. Each week in Yekaterinburg was adding 400 new residents. And the peak of the baby boom came in the last week of summer. From August 27 to September 2, 450 babies were born. This is an absolute record for the last 15 years! Prior to this summer, appeared a week at most 350 — 370 newborns.

— In fact, the birth rate in the region increased since 2003, but only slightly — says chief pediatrician Love Malyamova Sverdlovsk region. — We thought that the situation has stabilized. But joyful statistics this year was a surprise to us!


Net demographics?

Petersburg was the first city in which they had brought Belt. Therefore, the first children conceived with the help of the shrine, in theory, could appear as early as the end of July. And lo and behold! In July of this summer in the northern capital of children born 5568, by 412 kids more than a year ago in the same month. Although before that, in 2000 — 2011-m, there was a steady stagnation on the record of five thousand. And in August miracles continued. 5855 instead of last year 5260. Is Belt of the Virgin helped? However, the abnormal growth and fertility rates observed in June and July, and in April of this year … It is unlikely that a miracle occurred before him touched. This is pure demographics, say doctors.

— First you need to figure out which generation is now entered in the child-bearing age — says the president of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction Vladislav Korsak. — If this is the end of the eighties, then soon we are waiting for the sharp decline in the birth rate. I remember that at that time, one of the perestroika years, children born in Leningrad in two times less than usual.

— And it could be a consequence of the queue to the belt?

— No. I remember a more productive place in the history of St. Petersburg. In 2007, when the city launched a program for the treatment of infertility. Its made free. While standing in line, became pregnant six people. Although it stood barren …


Every third patient walks with a belt

Do you want to — believe it — no, but in Krasnoyarsk hospitals confirm that the recent increase in the number of births. In consultation and diagnostic department of the city hospital number 4, dealing with the problems of infertility, reported that marked surge of pregnancies among their patients — women who are 1.5 years old and no longer able to get pregnant. The increase began in the second and third quarters of this year. Here doctors, however, also refused to associate with the touch of a surprising phenomenon of patients to the Belt of the Virgin.

— Maybe we just have to work better? — Say in the department. — We're just doing what women are helping to solve the problem of infertility. We can relate this to the Belt of the Virgin, though … about every third patient with us walking around with a belt knotted at the waist, which received at the church after touching the shrine …


At more than 683 children

The capital is also a splash. According Mosgorzdrava in August in hospitals appeared 11,921 baby that 683 children more than in August last! Plus 6%. However, as far helped Belt of the Virgin, is hard to say: such surveys of birth nobody spent, but it is known that about 30% of the newborns — the children of foreigners and nationals of the other, non-Moscow Russian.

…Growth was recorded in almost all the cities visited by the shrine. And almost all doctors are professional skeptics, though, and surprised the results, calling them unexpected attribute this improvement in living standards in general. Although the last one could argue — economic indicators in some regions over the past 10 months is not very much and changed. And increasingly, doctors openly throw up their hands when confronted with his latest patient, which, in their earlier definitions, could not have children, but after the worship shrine became pregnant. "The miracle? Maybe … "- they shall, at the same time stipulating that modern medicine does not know of such a term. Or maybe just afraid to admit that once carried an incorrect diagnosis? ..


"With your diagnosis is unreal …"

Residents of Mordovia continue to actively discuss the history of a 25-year resident of Kovylkino Mary Letsyuk, which in 2009 the doctors pronounced the final verdict: it will be able to become a mother only through artificial insemination. "If you will not help adopt a child" — supported by her husband. He also asked her to go and pray at the temple of Saransk Feodor Ushakov, when brought there Belt … A month later, Mary, feeling unwell, and fatigue, came to the antenatal clinic. "With your diagnosis is not realistic" — and only a doctor could tell by looking at the results of the analyzes, Mary was pregnant. Then there was the U.S., from which all doctors were speechless: triplets!

However, soon the couple faced with a new problem — the apartment, and they live in very cramped. But that's another story …


Peter Fights, the priest, the chairman of the Diocesan Department for Church and Society, Atlanta:

"Heal … more»

— Belt — it is an occasion and a reminder of the Mother of God. When a person is reminded of something, they say, many are rethinking the situation. Because infertility is often associated with some flaws, misconduct in life, often with abortion. Maybe then they change something in your life, repent and turn to the Virgin Mary that she helped with their prayers, and further appealed to apply for these people. And we, the believers, of course, believe in it and know that it is indeed a reality, when people already do not believe in miracles and the Lord helps. But do not heal himself Belt. Belt — this is what connects us to the shrine, and coming to it — is an expression of reverence for the Virgin Mary and the appeal for prayer.

Olga Kudinovo, doctor of the highest qualification category, a gynecologist, endocrinologist, Moscow:

"The belt can be seen as a help …"

— It makes sense. Very often a woman, when it ceases to think that she is infertile, does get a long-awaited pregnancy. The belt can in this case be regarded as aid. Help some higher force that helped women to clear the mind and get pregnant. Although it is a very strong factor and New Year ….


1,077,000 children were born in Russia for 7 months in 2012. This is 80,000 more than the same period last year.


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