Big Style gets old. GAZ-21 Swallow.


 Last year I bought the famous GAZ 21 Ararat, to be more precise, we are talking about March 2011.

In operation, the legendary and renowned all car Ararat was to die, and therefore do not see the point in the future so to call it, so now when the car is given a new life he has a new name — Swallow, please more about Ararat not mention.

Throughout the period of owning a car there is a lot of different problems related to both the chassis and the electronics, and generally can not be described in one sentence all the difficulties that have been encountered.

When buying a car with the former owner had an agreement that the process of emergence of some problems of its experts will provide assistance for a fee. Just had an agreement that at the end of the summer season I'll bring the car to the repainting, installation of glass in the door and removing small defects on the body.

Gradually, I'll tell you that for the horror I had the opportunity to buy and how this will be done Ararat Swallow. Keep the promise that it will be very interesting, this "tuning" You have not seen!

Alexey Mokhov, Moscow.

According to the database

— Engine 2.5 (190 hp)
— Car 1969 release, was purchased in 2011


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