Birth of a tandem-Sannikov Nekljaev

"We Sannikov agreed to coordinate in order to win the elections," — said the head of the journalists'Tell the truth"Nyaklyayeu.

"Primarily joint fight against fraud and agitation, international activities. There will be further consolidation, "- said the coordinator of" European Belarus " Andrei Sannikov.

He added: "We do not consider the possibility of removing one in favor of another. We are for the implementation of a strong company. "

Written agreement of co-ordination is not. Sannikov and Nekljaev said signed a friendly agreement.

They said that the joint actions aimed at the removal of Alexander Lukashenko from power and victory in the presidential election.

"Candidates will work together against election fraud, will conduct a joint campaign and the international meeting", — said Sannikov.

By Sannikov, "one recipe: the creation of community committees against the forced early voting."

"Against each other we do not we do Nothing "- added Nekljaev.

Doors open to other candidates, said participants of the press conference.

Details: Friendly contract Neklyaeva and Sannikov


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