Blueseed: a floating city, where the elite will rule the masses


Blueseed — this is a startup corporations, according to which planned to create a floating city in the 12 nautical miles off the coast of California. In the offshore city will be remodeled cruise ship or barge.


It will be in international waters, and U.S. and foreign workers will be there to conduct business without the need to obtain work visas.

Steady the ship design will create a clean place to work.

For a business to operate the ship, will need only a passport. Being in international waters means that no one will have to pay taxes.

The ship will provide all facilities for the elite, including swimming pools, massage rooms, fitness rooms, climbing walls, internal football pitches and other aesthetics. Products and everything you need will be provided to local trade and business enterprises of the West Coast.

To travel to the mainland and back to Blueseed staff will be able to use the ferry or helicopter. Rent a standard cabin is estimated at about $ 1,600 a month, and 250 corporations have already expressed their desire to reserve places for their employees.

The popularity of the idea of founding such a floating city by Max Marty and Dario Mutabdya is gaining momentum in the corporate world.

PayPal Founder Peter Thiel led financial studies in support of this "marine estate" — the city in the ocean, which manages itself. And Max and Mutabdya worked at the Institute of offshore settlements, who has been researching the creation of extraterritorial floating cities in international waters.

Blueseed — is the concept of creating a "new sovereign countries at similar drilling platforms in international waters — free of regulation, laws, and by the impact of beliefs on the part of whatever was the landlocked country. Initially, it should be a tiny city-state, and by 2050 it is planned to populate these pieces of real estate in a sea of tens of millions of people.

Treaty on the Law of the Sea (LOST) may be the most legitimate international instrument for the marine estate. Such an agreement could help the offshore settlements to be legitimate as an independent city-states.

Research in engineering, science and technology will not be restricted by the laws and regulations that exist in the mainland. Institute of settlements going offshore in 2015 to create the first independent city-state, controlled by international regulations and are not subject to any country.

The output of multinational corporations and offshore in international waters free of these giants from the jurisdiction of any known government. Thus, Google, Microsoft and Facebook will be able to create a nation-state, which will be independent of any government, and will govern themselves.

Life in the ocean can be a reality in the "Utopia, teetering on the brink."


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