BOD North helped the Syrian sailor in the Mediterranean

  • BOD "North" helped the Syrian sailor in the Mediterranean
  • BOD "North" helped the Syrian sailor in the Mediterranean

The crew of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK), the Northern Fleet (NF) "North" under the command of Captain First Rank Andrey Klimenko, rendered assistance to the Syrian sailor in the Mediterranean Sea, told reporters on Wednesday, the official representative of the SF Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

 "Signal the need urgent medical attention to one of the crew members, seriously injured his leg, the Russian sailors received from the captain of a fishing boat small boat" Dolphin ", flying the flag of Syria. On board the BOD" North "were lowered twofastboats with boarding team and medical staff. After a preliminary examination, it was decided to evacuate the sick sailor on board the fishing vessel for the Russian ship to provide quality health care, "- said Sergey.

On board the Russian ship had a Syrian military doctors sailor with all the necessary medical care, including the conduct of the necessary x-rays. After care Syrian sailor was brought on board the fishing vessel "Dolphin" with recommendations for further treatment and essential medicines, said Sergei.

"Sailors of the Northern Fleet is not the first time provide assistance to civilpeople. In November 2011, a complex storm conditions in the Barents Sea rescue helicopter crew of the Northern Fleet naval aviation brought ashore from stricken sailor in distress refrigerator "Coast of Hope" and the crew of anti-IL-38 successfully conducted a rescue operation to search for the missing in the White Sea cargo ship "Captain Kuznetsov" — recalled Sergei.

In April last year, the Northern Fleet helicopter evacuated a sick sailor on board the commercial vessel M-0124 "Amethyst". In September 2012, the crew of BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" has come to the aid of the British yachtsman in distress in the Celtic Sea.

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