Bonus dog, injured in early January in St. Petersburg, died in hospital

Homeless dog Bonus, crippled in early January by unknown, died March 7 in one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg, the official site of the clinic.

Dog with multiple cut wounds found in the park two skiers, and carried to the vet. Dog lost his hind legs, but survived. His story has caused a stir, volunteers raised money to pay for a private investigator to find the mauled dog.

State bonus, the site says the veterinary clinic, has deteriorated since the end of February, when he refused to eat. Doctors suspected a viral infection, but tests have not revealed its.

Veterinarians do not rule out that the death of the dog may be associated with the trauma.

"At the beginning of the first night of prophylactic bypass the doctor on duty was seen weakness, shortness of breath. Despite rendered CPR, general condition deteriorated and came the worst — no bonus was," — said in a statement.

The cause of death bonus that volunteers have already started looking stroller, prosthesis, determined after an autopsy.

"Suspected cause of death — heart failure. Probably played a role, and all that he had experienced with what was in the clinic," — said in a statement

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