Bortovik ChMZAP off in Khanty-Mansiysk

Party flatbed semi-trailers ChMZAP-9906-038-TANK    went in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District to serve Samotlor oil field exploration and production, which carries TNK-BP (British Petroleum).

Contractors working in the oil field, and set strict conditions for the exploited technique. The quality and performance of semi ChMZAP possible to carry out all the necessary solutions for the customer.                   


Flatbed semi-trailerChMZAP-9906-038-TANK capacity of 18.5 tonnes: the quality of the terrain allow transportation of heavy equipment, construction materials and long-axis (pipe and plate) in cross-country. Lean busbar and the same wheel track tractor and trailer provide excellent flotation. ChMZAP-9906-038-TANK   equipped with a pull-conic, and removable sides height of 600 mm, which makes the model more universal.  

ChMZAP 9906.038-TANK with a length of 000 mm platformy12 has front power board to ensure the safety of truck drivers. 425/85R21 tires mod. KAMA-1260.

Two-wire electrical system in a protective plastic ripple. Pin Georg Fisher, the supporting device JOST, wheel chocks, side protection «Suer».

ChMZAP-9906-038-TANK demand from oil and gas industry workers and builders, has been successfully operated at JSC "Gazprom", "Lukoil", a group of companies FGC.

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