Both forest fires in southern Ukraine localized

Two forest fires that occurred Thursday in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, localized, said Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Friday night after a meeting of the operational headquarters to eliminate the fire.

In Ukraine in recent years established a very hot fire weather. On Thursday, in the coniferous forest of two forestry Tsyurupynsk district, Kherson region fires have occurred. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the area of one of them was 1000 hectares, the second — up to 500 acres (both specific focal). Suffered three forestry workers, all of them in a state of moderate severity were hospitalized — one with burns, two — from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ukrainian Prime Minister on Thursday flew to Kherson region to personally monitor the fire suppression.

"Services that took part in the meeting of the operational staff, reported on the work already carried out. Its essence lies in the fact that both the fire contained. Along the contours of the fire put enough people and technology in order to cut off the fire from populated areas," — quoted Azarov site of the Ukrainian government.

According to him, for fire suppression will be involved helicopters and aircraft fire.

Azarov expressed confidence Friday that fires are fully extinguished.

According to him, the direct management actions to eliminate fire entrusted to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Andrei Klyuyev, which will be located on the site of an emergency.

The Prime Minister also stressed that, despite the scale of fires, due to the actions of special forces operative, no settlement was not injured, burned only two farms.

Azarov promised that all victims receive compensation.

Prime Minister instructed the Interior Ministry to check the information on the deliberate burning of forests.

Kherson region prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the arson of forest.

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