Brand Just5 updated line of bright speysfonov

Five years ago, the Russian brand Just5 revolutionized the world of mobile devices, has released a line of simple phones with big buttons and a striking design. While others sought to extend the functionality of the brand Just5 found the courage to go the opposite direction and make a bet on simplicity. As a result, Just5 phones have created a powerful new trend and got an army of followers, who, however, was unable to repeat the success of a unique formula Just5. Just5 phones today is enjoyed by people all over the world: they take with them on their travels, combined with the use of the iPad and iPhone, give parents and children. And Just5 phones cheer up one of its kind.

Just5 today represents a new generation of phones — they are called CP10s. Before the developers had a difficult task: to improve the phones technically, retaining the brand concept. Exterior phones, created by studio Bestinspace, and their characteristics have not changed much, except for a few little nice touches: 

  • Slightly enlarged dimensions, so it makes it easier to hold the phone in your hand.
  • MicroUSB port to connect to the charger. Now Just5 phones are compatible with the "chargers" from 99% of mobile phones and smartphones.
  • New side keys, eliminating accidental key in his pocket and a bag.
  • More powerful multimedia speaker.

Significant changes were made famous SOS button on the back of the phone. Now it is called SuperKnopka and decorated proprietary "blot» Just5; pressing this softkey to access the following options:

  • Flight Mode (saves battery power during the flight).
  • SOS (instantly sends a message and dial up to five contacts from the phone book).
  • Jet Lag (fast setup time when changing time zones).
  • Just Trip (simple navigation application that allows you to remember the route using the character-tips).
  • Hand Counter (simple and convenient hand-counter).

But the most significant changes have affected the user interface. First, the menu structure has been completely rethought in terms of design and ergonomics in the end to use the phone even easier. Second, have developed new fonts and design icons, screen became brighter, improved readability of characters. In the work on the interface design bureau Bestinspace inspired by the principles of Dieter Rams — the genius of industrial design, whose successor is also the designer of Apple products Jonny Ive. We can say that the phones Just5 family CP10s — a "push iPhones," as carefully scrutinized in terms of beauty and usability.

In addition, the model Just5 began to sound different. Especially for a new line of phones Bestinspace studio has developed new "space" ringtones that were recorded with the help of classic analog synthesizers. And finally, the phones Just5 game appeared: it was the F1 Race — racing sports car, made in the style of old-school gaming consoles.

The color scheme is the same: the classic white and black, purple Deep Space, pink Pink Space, Orange Orange Space, Light Green Lime Space, Blue Menthol Space and includes all the colors at once Bestinspace. Through the use of new advanced materials, colors, buildings look even brighter and glow in ultraviolet rays.

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