BrAZ commissioned a project 4 dry gas cleaning plants

Bratsk aluminum smelter RUSAL as part of the environmental program entered into an agreement for the design of high-performance 4 "dry" gas cleaning plants. This was reported in the press release BrAZ. Gas cleaning specialists will be engaged in the design, "SibVAMI." New plants will be installed in a series of cases number 4, 11 and 12. According to preliminary estimates, the commissioning of new gas scrubbers will reduce emissions by an average of 350 tons per year.
After developing the necessary documentation project will focus on the state examination. Supplier of gas-cleaning equipment will be the company «ALSTOM» (Norway). It is expected that the supply of units at the plant will begin this year.
This "dry" gas treatment plant at BrAZ installed and put into operation in 2011 in the building number 25. At the project cost more than 260 million rubles. As a result of commissioning of the plant emissions in the past year decreased by 100.8 tons. The effectiveness of the equipment for hydrogen fluoride, fluorides and solid inorganic dust is 99.8 — 99.9%. This is confirmed by measurements of "the Center of the laboratory analysis and technical measurements in the East Siberian region."

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