Bring home occupied celebrities

March 14, 2012 7:30

Rating appeared most frightening mansions of celebrities. As it turned out, the ghosts live not only ancient, moss-covered castles, and modern homes of the stars. Paranormal at different times watched Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, and many other representatives of show business. Fashion for houses with ghosts have quite eccentric star apparently never go away. This is evidenced by the most frightening ten mansions of celebrities, which was recently the magazine People.

First place in the house took the singer Adele, she recently bought for $ 11 million in the county of Sussex in the UK. For owners of the six "Grammy" surprise was that with her in the house lives Barabashka. Almost every night Adele scary loud thud. The singer could not sleep for a long time, for your peace of mind, she hired a bodyguard, which bypasses the area every night, but knocking still continues.

The second line belongs to a family house in the town of Bel Air near Los Angeles. Here, one of the local ghosts of frightened to death of the Tenth season of the popular show American Idol, who lived in this house. According to the contest winner James Durbin, one day he noticed the garage strange white object that looked like a human hand. Also saw a horrific hand and ran to the cry of James one of the participants show — Lauren Alain. In short, the show's producers decided to stop shooting in the cursed house, in 2011, it was sold for 11.2 million dollars an unknown buyer.

Third place was New York penthouse American comedienne Joan Rivers, which also disturbed antics cast. She was complaining to an older lifters constantly fading light at it that calmly said that most likely came from the dead former owner apartments Mrs. Spencer. Long endure the antics bring Rivers did not, putting the apartment up for sale for 29 million dollars. But the buyer has not been found.

Mansion in Los Angeles, which, as it turned out later, had a famous illusionist Harry Houdini, took fourth place in the rating because of the history in 2007, happened to the musician of the group Maroon 5. The team worked on a new album there. Guitarist James Valentine made inquiries about the legendary host home only once encountered on the stairs with a cast.

Alyson Hannigan, star of the cult sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" cast saw in the doorway of his bathroom, it has put her home in Los Angeles at the fifth place in the list. According to the actress, noticing the dark figure, she decided that it was her husband Alexis, but he had already long been asleep. Alison added that her ghost is friendly, so she is not afraid of him at all.

Sixth place was awarded to the White House, as it is come to pass unexplained phenomenon that scared the daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush. According to her, she was sleeping in the room, when suddenly, at full volume music started 1920. She was frightened and ran into the room to her sister. So Jenna Bush Hager described the events of one of the worst nights of his life.

Actor David Boreanaz, gained fame for his role as a vampire in the popular TV series "Buffy," also had a chance encounter with the paranormal. The actor told reporters that they were awakened at night explosion in a house in Los Angeles. The bed started to shake very hard. Two weeks later, it is again repeated. David believes that his home in seventh place, there were ghosts.

In 2011 he released a documentary film with one of the most popular country music singers Loretta Lynn. In it, she told him about her house Hurricane Mills, which is located in Tennessee. According to her, it is haunted. The mansion is just one line below the house Boreanaz in the ranking of the People. It was purchased by the singer in 1967, and it is not going to sell it.

Ninth place belongs dwelling called La Residence, owned by singer Ke $ ha. Singer recently had to move because her old house literally chased inexplicable phenomena, causing permanent lodge with friends. But bringing the inspired singer for the song «TiK Tok», which brought her worldwide fame.

A closed list LaLaurie mansion of Nicolas Cage, who is in New Orleans. Previously, they owned the plantation. According to rumors, the former owners did not shun torturing slaves in the house, so there now hear inhuman groans. Artist was very proud of his legendary home, but financial difficulties forced him to sell his residence in 2009 after 2.3 million dollars.

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