Britain: Former minister and his wife will go to jail

A former member of the British Government, the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Price sentenced to eight months in prison on charges of obstruction of justice.

  • Chris Huhne
  • Chris Huhne

58-year-old Hyun admitted that in 2003 requested the Price to take the penalty points for speeding, so as not to lose their driver's license.

Last week Vicki Price was found guilty of that assumed penalized ex-husband.

60-year-old Price told the story in an interview with a British newspaper after divorcing Hyun.

Systematic lie

Judge Criminal Court jury of London's Southwark said Hyun "fell from great heights," but that happened to him and his ex-wife need only themselves to blame.

After guilty plea Hyun, meeting in Parliament from the Liberal Democratic Party, took office as deputy.

In an interview with a British television former minister said that his actions in 2003 led to a "huge devastating" for his family, career and life.

Reading out the verdict and Hyun Price, Judge Sweeney said Hyun, trying to defend himself, "lied to again and again."

As noted by the judge, justice is done to both former spouses for their "joint crime."

During the trial of her Price was charged with perjury 10 years ago that her husband could avoid hardship license.

Later, when Hyun admitted that having an affair with his assistant, Vicki Price decided to tell all reporters, insisting that Hyun forced her to take his penalty points. Marriage hyun and Pryce, who have been married for 26 years, ended in divorce.

The judge called the Price, the well-known expert on economics, dishonest and prone to domination and manipulation of people.

According to the judge, the selected way to annoy her husband, referring to the newspaper, was a dangerous weapon, because the law violated both the former spouse.

The judge also ruled that each spouse had served only half of the eight-month period.

In an interview with The Times on the eve of the verdict, Chris Huhne said he hoped that Price will be justified: "I would not want to, she went to jail. I told this to the children and all the rest. Revenge destroys. It does more harm to you than those whom you seek revenge. "

From the courtroom Vicki Price was taken to the paddy wagon.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, commenting on the verdict former colleague in the Cabinet, said: "This is a reminder that anyone, no matter how high it may be up and how powerful may be, can not be provided beyond the reach of justice."

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