Britain is reaping the benefits of tolerance

Britain declared a "sex jihad" Gang of immigrants from Muslim countries, Oxford kept several young British women in sexual slavery …

In the British Oxford — famous ancient city university — has blossomed luxuriantly "sex jihad," reportsInterfax.
Seven immigrants — Pakistanis and Eritreans put together a gang that held a few teenage girls in sexual slavery.

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  • Unhappy girl

The victims were between 11 and 15 years old. All of them are white British women mainly from dysfunctional families. And tormented them come from Muslim countries, precisely because they were members of the "indigenous nation."

Once is not mocked for 8 years — from 2004 to 2012! Girls raped, imprisoned for drugs, forced abortions, beaten, branded. About a dozen of these cases dealt with by the court in Oxford. The meetings lasted four and a half months.

Even the chief judge at the trial Peter Rooke, like accustomed to everything, indignantly declared: "There is no limit those abominations that are committed criminals! The girls were the easiest prey — a fragile, vulnerable and defenseless. "


Ringleader Mohammed Karrar sentenced to life in prison, his brother Bassam spend behind bars for 15 years. The other brothers — Akhtar and Anum Dogar — have received a life sentence "for the crimes of exceptional gravity."

British experts call what happened in Oxford, "tip of the iceberg." In Liverpool there the court appeared before 9 more immigrants who commit sexual abuse of 12 — and 13-year-old local girl. Total casualties of about fifty. One of the criminals — frequenter of the mosque and the father of five children. Another invited friends to his home to show how he has sex with teenagers. All pedophiles are more than forty years, and all — came from India and Afghanistan. Verdict: 4 to 12 years in prison.

According to recent reports, more than two thousand minors — victims of "sex jihad." In all, nearly 20,000 young people have been targets of pedophiles. And it's in good old England, who declares himself a model in the protection of children's rights and gender equality.

"This is jihad, jihad sexy consistently fanned by radical imams," — says the imam Taj Kharga. However, he takes up arms not only to their co-religionists, "In politically correct Britain terrified and really cowardly avoided. Commentators and politicians treading water around the problem and hide it for ambiguous words."

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