Britain lost millions on Russian officials over the past few years

UK contributed about 4.5 million pounds to support the Russian state agencies, writes The Daily Telegraph.

According to some MPs, most of these projects were "wasteful" and "pointless". In addition, they are deprived of financial support to those countries to which it is much more necessary.


British MPs are unhappy with "pointless" outlay Department for International Development of the country, writes The Daily Telegraph. The purpose of this ministry — the elimination of poverty in the world, but the number of projects carried out by them in recent years, raises many questions in relation to the Prime Minister David Cameron and Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening.

Thus, over the past few years, the Department for International Development has allocated £ 4.5m to improve the "skill, efficiency and transparency of the" Russian officials, as well as to improve the "business environment" in Russia.

The largest of these projects was called "Russia: public administration reform." The project British taxpayers' money handed a number of Russian state agencies, including the Ministry of Regional and Economic Development, and the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

One of the main goals of the project was to "increase competition in the business environment and the private sector" in Russia.

According to a report on the completion of the project, which lasted from 2007 to 2011, although Russian officials were trained by the British taxpayer, but did not fulfill the recommendations of the Ministry, writes The Daily Telegraph. In addition, the effectiveness of the project was 65%, and the program had to be extended for a year because she did not meet the deadline.

These and many other programs have caused resentment among many parliamentarians. Thus, a member of the Conservative Party has named Ann Mayne such projects "wasteful" and "pointless". "I was very surprised that the previous Labour government considered wise to spend money on Russia as a whole and for these projects in particular," — the newspaper.

"Support to assist those who need it most in the world — added Maine. — And many of the previous government's decision led to the fact that the money was lent to the wind and have not reached those who needed the most "

All this could be seen as savagery and NETSEVILIZOVANNOST OUR OFFICERS, BUT CAUTION:

In 2009, the British economy was in recession, like the author of the article and the Department for International Development has decided to launch the program "Russia as a donor." It aimed to ensure that "support Russia as an emerging donor". It has been allocated half a million pounds, and in 2011 it was closed.

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