British MPs are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on treasury business class flights

Despite the announced cuts in public spending, the British parliamentarians are not going to give up the pleasures they receive at public expense. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, in the last three years on business class flights for MPs spent more than £ 500 million from the state treasury. The cost of a similar trip to British airlines up? 850.


The new rules went into effect in the UK since 2009, require MPs to fly economy class tickets. These amendments were introduced after a major scandal when several members of parliament lost their seats because of allegations of large-scale embezzlement.

However, a recent investigation of the newspaper The Telegraph revealed that at least 55 British MPs still use a gap in the law to buy tickets unreasonably high costs.

Information caused strong indignation of the British public. Learn how to buy the expensive tickets legislators at the state's expense surfaced a few days before the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced the impending public spending cuts on? 11.5 billion

The study showed that, for example, Jim Murphy, the shadow defense minister of Britain, made 188 flights in business class total cost? 33 thousand According to one of his aides, "traveling in economy class, it is impossible to work with classified documents."

Anne McClain, a parliamentarian from the North Glasgow has made 116 such flights worth? 21 thousand

The MP from Scotland Pete Uayshert made 171 business class flights between Edinburgh and London.

The law prescribes the British parliamentarians to reimburse the amount of the ticket in business class, if possible find a cheaper flight standard. However, with advance booking business class can cost even less than later acquired economy. I use it many British MPs.


Despite numerous calls for spending cuts, the modern system in the Kingdom still provides parliamentarians features are quite wasteful to dispose of public funds.

In total, over the past three years, the British MPs have made more than two thousand flights worth? 488.856. The study showed that the most expensive tickets were purchased during that time members of the Labour Party.

It is noteworthy that the majority of business-class tickets were bought by British MPs on domestic flights. While some have been purchased and for international travel. Thus, the ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown last month bought a ticket for a flight from Edinburgh to Brussels for £ 886.

As the executive director of the Taxpayers Alliance Matthew Sinclair: "It is outrageous that a large number of parliamentarians can afford expensive pleasure, paid out of the taxpayer's pocket at a time when the country is looking for every possible way to reduce government spending."

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