Brunt of the disaster that hit Japan paralyzed the industry

Because of typhoon "Rock" in Japan are closed most of the plants automakers "Toyota" and "Mitsubishi", as well as the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics company G-We-C. Due to bad weather in the country is broken and the transport system. At airports canceled hundreds of flights, closed key highways, interrupted by speed rail line between Tokyo and Osaka. In the capital itself does not work several subway lines.

According to recent reports, the victims of disaster are 6 people and dozens wounded. For evacuation has received about 1.5 million inhabitants. Worse still is the situation in the prefecture of Aichi. Where the wind speed reaches 50 meters at times in a second. Because of incessant rains were in danger of collapsing river dam.

Typhoon covered and Fukushima, however, the assurances of the authorities, the nuclear power plant accident damage is not caused. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, on September 22, "Rock" will reach the coast of Sakhalin Island. Emergencies Ministry warns of 8-meter waves.




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