Brussels has prepared a special plan for Belarus

EU countries began to discuss a joint interim plan for Belarus. A European Commission has adopted a mandate to negotiate with Belarus on visa facilitation and readmission. The news brought with him to Minsk and publicly announced the European Commissioner Stefan Fule. Today, it was a one-day visit to Belarus.

At the press conference, Commissioner Füle explained why the European community took such a plan:

"This plan is designed to assist Belarus in the modernization and reform of the country. This plan is aimed at the development of all sectors of the country, including the very important areas such as human rights and democracy. The plan also — the recognition of the Belarusian efforts on seeking to achieve greater economic competitiveness in the new market conditions, and reliable power supply. It was the energy supply of the industry, where we now have more and more dialogue. "

It was the energy supply of the industry, where we now have more and more dialogue.

Mr. Fule also said that the plan has a direct relation to negotiations with Belarus on visa facilitation and readmission. Negotiations on a visa will begin this month, and about readmission — next year. Later, after talks with Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov, Brussels representative said that visas for Belarusians in the Schengen area may be cheaper. Yes, and they will be easier to get.

However, these benefits depends primarily on how the presidential election. Speaking to reporters, the Commissioner said that during a previous visit to Minsk in July and negotiations withAlexander Lukashenko He voiced the six demands put up by Brussels on the elections in Belarus. They are still relevant, said Stefan Fule:

"This — the registration of presidential candidates, the inclusion of the opposition to the electoral commission, the problem of early voting, the counting of ballots, access to the media and freedom of assembly."

The European Commissioner said that these principles are the same. And Brussels is to pay attention to these demands — said Stefan Fule.

Press conference Brussels officials preceded by his two-hour meeting with representatives of civil society in Belarus. It is learned correspondent of "Freedom", was attended by 52 people, including some members of the Community Advisory Board of the Presidential Administration of Belarus. A member of this organization and also chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak said, "Freedom":

"Our colleagues have drawn attention to the fact that sometimes a batch approach to interfere with the decision of the specific problems that the authorities have already agreed to. And you want to do something concrete. This dilemma arises. And Mr Füle, in my opinion, very positively noted that the work is necessary. But we must not forget that Europe has a comprehensive approach. This value-based approach. Because Europe is very important for the development of such issues as human rights, democracy, freedom of association, freedom of speech, the death penalty, etc. And if you give up one value, there is a precedent which can be and on the other to give up. "

On the issue of "Freedom" is an interim plan time frame, the Commissioner said that the plan is comprehensive and integrated. And Europe is not will do conclusions on progress in Belarus in any one direction. So talking about the time frame does not leave. An interim plan — is "a very flexible tool," for whom "is the philosophy of a comprehensive assessment," — said Stefan Fule. He also noted that the interim plan will work after the election.


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