Bryansk Engineering Works gave the first Russian Railways locomotives TEM18V

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") to the representatives of JSC "Russian Railways" the first two shunting locomotives TEM18V, equipped with diesel engines made by Finnish Wartsila.

New locomotives came to the October Railway. During the 2013 Russian Railways will receive 30 more locomotives.

TEM18V locomotive is based on the proven locomotive TEM18DM. In the basic design of a number of changes, used diesel generator company Wartsila power 882 kW. TEM18V locomotives are highly reliable power plant and reduced in comparison with previous generations of locomotives impact on the environment. The first locomotive made in 2011. He successfully passed factory, performance, certification, acceptance tests. On the locomotive received a certificate of certification register the Federal Railway (PC FZHT), which gives the right to make the initial batch of 25 vehicles. The second locomotive built at the end of 2012.

The design of the heating system used heat-transfer agent, through which, the optimum temperature is maintained at engine is not running. This allows for fuel economy while winter lay locomotive. Experts note that when downloading sredneekspluatatsionnoy TEM18V almost 30 percent more economical than the Czechoslovak CME3 locomotives that are used massively in rail transport.

Production of diesel construction Wartsila, intended for acquisition TEM18V must be deployed in the city of Penza, a new joint venture. Start of production of engines is scheduled for August 2013.

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