BTU live-fire began in the coastal troops BF


After completion of the coordination of units in formations and units of the Baltic Fleet coastal troops (BV BP) began battalion tactical exercises (BTU) with firing.


During the exercises practiced interactions between companies of, control units in combat and the use of new methods of warfare. Exercises are held at the two landfills Kaliningrad — "Khmelevka" and "Pavenkovo." It is reportedPress Service WEST about BF.



BTU are the crowning glory of combat training in the coastal forces BF 2012 academic year. Total units in learning coastal forces this year was made 14 sborovyh events of various types:

  • camp fee coastal artillery troops fleet
  • Field output connections missile BV BF
  • camp gathering parts and air defense units
  •  other activities.



In addition, the coastal forces conducted 19 tactical and command post exercises, including tactical exercise with live-fire anti-aircraft missile regiment of the fleet at the site "Kapustin Yar", firing anti-aircraft units BF at the site near the city of Yeisk (Krasnodar Territory).

 In October 2012, in addition to BTU in the units of BV BF, on 4th phase of training military personnel serving under contract to the "survival rates", held command and staff exercise Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment BV BF.

 To train the personnel of combat mission in conditions of modern combined arms at the sites covered by the situation of the target. Set a target for all inputs of weapons: to destroy small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades, artillery, tanks and combat vehicles.

 Also, landfills are equipped with educational minefields, barbed wire and a number of other civil engineering projects.



Upon completion of the battalion tactical exercises with live fire in the units of BV BF will control checks under the command of the Western Military District.

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