Bubka, probably — the most affordable drug

A report of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. As for Belarus, which is adjacent to the countries of the European Union, the researchers note in it a marked increase in the use of opium drugs since 2008.

According to official data, the vast majority of Belarusian addicts standing registered in drug dispensaries used hard drugs marfinavaga type. It is basically a home-made opium and heroin.

An employee of the Office for Drug Control and Combating Trafficking Ministry of Internal Affairs said:

"Of course, now dominated by drugs of plant origin. It's poppy, it's marijuana, is that virtually grows on our territory. "

Head doctor of the Minsk City Drug Dispensary Sergei Milk said that opium drugs which are now prevail in the Belarusian market — handicrafts:

"This is a poppy seed. This is due primarily to the fact that the Office for drug trafficking are probably well pressed the supply of heroin. Heroin comes in Belarus in a very small quantity and poor quality. Therefore, our domestic addicts prefer products of handicraft, own production. "

In appearance it is a regular pastry poppy, which is then impregnated alkaleidami opium. But during the treatment with chemicals so-called "Bobka" turn into a drug with exposure similar to heroin. According to statistics, medical and law enforcement, "Bobka" Now — the most popular injectable drug in Belarus. On the effects on the body, he is no different from other drugs, explains Sergey Milk, chief physician of the capital narcological:

"To apieidav applies heroin and methadone. Poppy straw used to be, now the seeds. It's all one and the same group. Long-term use — the weakening of immunity is the development of concurrent infections such as HIV and hepatitis. And, accordingly, a complication — vascular diseases of the veins. Nothing has changed in this action "

a decade, the number of drug addicts has tripled in Minsk.


The police admit that the problem of access to the drug exists, but does not agree, it's so easy to buy "Bobka" on conventional markets. Opinion of the Office of the Press Secretary of the Interior Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Lastovskogo:

"In general, the problem of" bobok "is a narcotic substance." Bubka "- this is probably the most accessible drug. It is for this reason there is a problem. But such fears, the journalist describes — for there is none too frivolous treatment of a journalist."

At the same time, saying the forums indicate availability so-called "Bobok." At the beginning of the year in Belarus outlawed a number of smoking mixtures, such as "spice." By "bobok" until the queue is not reached. Meanwhile, the number of drug addicts is increasing in Minsk, chief medical officer testifies City Drug Dispensary Sergei Milk:

"The growth is coming, and the growth is constant. Over the decade, the number of drug addicts has tripled in Minsk. It was just over 2 million, is now 6500. "



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