Bulgarian archaeologists discovered an ancient temple of the Sun

Bulgarian archaeologists have found the Stonehenge, which announced an even more ancient than the English.

Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Ganetsovsky (Georgi Ganetsovski) from the Regional History Museum Vratsa, who has been studying Paleolithic settlements, said that he had discovered the world's oldest temple of the Sun.

The research team discovered the ruins of buildings, similar to Stonehenge. However, they account for 3,000 years older than the famous English cromlech. The find was made near the village Ohoden in Vratsa region (north-western Bulgaria).

The ancient inhabitants used complex eight thousand years ago to track the movement of the sun, which tells them when to start planting and harvesting crops. They also make sacrifices sun in an attempt to appease his way and get a bountiful harvest.

Paul sanctuary paved with large cobblestones. In terms of the complex is in the form of the letter "P", and it goes to the open part of the east. "We carried out research during the equinox, and all the measurements and the analysis showed that the structure is oriented toward the rising sun. Moreover, its builders took into account changes in the magnetic poles of the Earth, which are the last 8000 years. We also found here dozens of clay and stone disks "- told Ganetsovsky. According to archaeologists, the earliest agricultural communities disks with dot in the center symbolized the solar disk. Findings suggest that the researchers did find ancient Bulgaria, and, perhaps, in the whole world the sanctuary, which worshiped the sun.

Ganetsovsky recently presented his findings at the international archaeological forum, which was held in Romania. Archaeologist izuchenaet Ohoden area near the village for many years, as there remained a lot of evidence of early agricultural communities in Bulgaria. This summer, he also found the remains of this young man, who died about 8000 years ago. Thanks to the media skeleton nicknamed "the first European."

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