Bulldozers CHETRA sent to the Amur oblas

In early March 2013, a comprehensive dealer CHETRA of "mining financial company" put in the Amur region of HA "Petropavlovsk" 6 bulldozer CHETRA T 20.


34-ton machines will be used for geological survey works ZAO GRK "Dalgeologiya" and LLC "NPGF" Regis "(part of" Petropavlovsk "). Bulldozers CHETRA T20 will be searched and the initial development of gold deposits and mines ready for commercial development. These machines are often used to work in the mining, oil and gas industries.

The upgraded second generation bulldozers CHETRA T20.02 available with engines JAMZ-238 and QSM-11 Cummins.

Upgraded bulldozer CHETRA T20.02 also has a modern ergonomic design. Electronic machine by using the joystick. Also, reduced vibration in the workplace 20%. This creates a comfortable environment for the machinists, machinery operators and reduces their fatigue. Pressurized cabin with double glazing is around visibility. It installed sliding windows and heater.

In bulldozer CHETRA 20.02 T improved the reliability and efficiency of the cooling of the engine and transmission, and as a result of resource nodes. The engine adapted to run at temperatures down to minus 40 C. The reliability and durability of the transmission pump and hydraulic attachments.

"Russian bulldozers CHETRA adapted for use in the harshest environmental and climatic conditions. This has been proven as the extraction of the gold fields, and the other responsible jobs that require high performance and reliability of special equipment. We are proud to be one of the largest gold producers in Russia is our long-standing and trusted partner, "- says the head of the supply division CHETRA Victor Chetverikov.

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