Bulldozers CTZ — Surgut

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completed the contract for the supply of Surgut big party machines.

Since February, the business units "Surgutneftegaz" tractor manufacturers have shipped 60 units. Oil and gas producers have filled up the park bulldozers with hydromechanical transmission, trubouladchikami, swamp tractor loaders and large-PC-65. 

Cabs all tracked vehicles are equipped with on-demand increased hatches fitted for emergency evacuation operator in winter clothes.

Technology you will learn Talakanskoye oil and gas field in Yakutia, provided heaters and heaters engines. In addition, the manufacturer suggested operatives additional electric heating system that allows the driver at the beginning of the shift from diesel to warm up a network of 220 volts.

Products chelyabintsev several consecutive years winning the tenders held by northerners. Last year, Surgut, a part of the ten largest oil and gas companies, CTZ has put more than 100 machines.

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