Bunker business Gazprom oil goes to the international market

"Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker", the operator of bunker business "Gazprom oil" purchased from the Romanian company Unicom Holding Marine Bunker Balkan SA, operating in the Black Sea port of Constanta.

Marine Bunker Balkan SA became the first foreign asset "Neft Marine Bunker."
In the management of Marine Bunker Balkan SA are two ships bunkering, ship-to-drive with a capacity of 4.0 tons and two mooring barges. The company rents shore tank Oil Terminal Constanta capacity 1.5 tons. It is planned that the annual sales volume of marine fuel will exceed 100 million tons, which will allow the company "Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker" to become one of the largest operators of bunkering in the port of Constanta.


The company plans — increased presence on the Romanian market in the ports of Mangalia and Midia. Supply of marine fuel will be produced from oil refineries "Gazprom oil", located in Russia and Serbia.
The Black Sea port of Constanta with annual volume of more than 400 bunkers tons among the 10 major ports in Europe and is the third largest port on the Black Sea region. Constanta is located at the intersection of trade routes from Europe to Asia and is an important part of the strategic transport corridor along the river Danube. European plans for the development of trade and transport corridors in the region determine the growth of vessel calls at the port of Constanta and transit traffic on the Danube River by 1-2% per year for the period until 2025.
"The strategic objective of bunker business" Gazprom oil "- to become a significant player in the global market for marine fuel. And the international expansion of the company "Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker" is one of the laws of the steps in this direction. I am sure that the experience acquired by the European market, coupled with the successful management of assets in the Russian market will further strengthen the position of the bunker business "Gazprom oil" — the chairman of the Board of "Gazprom oil" Dyukov.

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