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Author of the report — Vitaly Ragulin (LJ dervishv)

Bureisk power plant — the largest hydroelectric power plant in the Far East, one of the ten most powerful hydroelectric power station Russia.
 Bureisk power plant — located on the River Bure, in the Amur region near the village of Talakan. The installed capacity of hydropower Bureyskaya — 2010 MW, average power output — 7.1 billion kWh Producing a large amount of cheap electricity, the station has significantly reduced the region's needs in imported fuel. HPP hydro units provide reliable operation of the power system of the Far East, smoothing uneven loads, and also serve as a high-speed emergency reserve. Located near the center of a backbone network of 500 kV transmission lines, Bureyskaya hydro power station is the hub of the Far East power grid. Moreover, it was built for Bureyskaya hydro power transmission line will connect the previously disparate sections of 500 kV lines into a single network. With a capacious reservoir, Bureisk power plant makes a significant contribution to the protection of the Amur catastrophic floods.

2. The study of hydropower potential Bureya — one of the largest tributaries of the Amur River began in 1930. Feasibility Study (FS) of Zhelundinskoy (later renamed Bureiskaya) plant was started by the institute "Lengidroproekt" in 1969, in the 1975 feasibility study was approved.

3. The foyer of the office tower power plant.

4. Central control

5. Construction Bureyskaya plant began in 1976 with the preparatory work — construction of roads, power lines, housing, base construction. In 1984, work began on the basic structures of the station in 1985, the dam was first laid concrete.
Bureyskaya hydro turbine building. The capacity of one of the hydraulic unit of 335 MW.

6. Since 1989, funding for construction fell sharply, leading to a de facto suspension of works and severe social consequences.

7.Sistemy relay protection and automation


9. Lifting beam. Used for mounting the heaviest parts of the unit (for example, the generator rotor) when a crane lifting capacity is not enough work immediately and synchronously two cranes.

10. The first hydroelectric plant was commissioned in 2003, the last — in 2007, and in 2009, after building water lines to the design values Bureisk power plant was brought to full capacity.


12. Electric gas generator switch.

13. Mine turbine. In the center of the shaft, right and left — the guide vane actuators.

14. Heel generator.


16. From a technical point of view Bureisk power plant is one of the most modern plants in Russia.
Its concrete gravity dam 140 m is the highest dam in the country of this type. During the construction of the dam for the first time in domestic practice was widely used rolled concrete, which allowed without reducing the reliability of structures, significantly reduce the amount of cement.
Culverts. According to him the water goes from the reservoir to the units.

17. Spillway plant is designed in such a way that the water flows collide with each other and mutually extinguish their energy.

18. Discharge of water — a fascinating spectacle!

19. Hardworking with a power transformer.

20. View of the turbine building.

21. Overhead crane at the crest of the dam. Things like your gates.

22. Bureia below hydropower in the foam from no relief.

23. Water treatment.
By the estimates Bureyskaya plant were built the most modern treatment facilities, effectively clearing drains not only the station, but the settlement Talakan.

24. F
or the issuance of electricity to the grid for the first time Bureisk power plant in Russia was built a complete gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) Closed — safe and fireproof, weatherproof, easy to maintain. To apply power from the generators to the switchgear, the rock was broken special tunnel for the 500-kilovolt cable.
The building of 500 kV gas-insulated switchgear.

25. Gas switches for gas-insulated switchgear




29. Bureisk power plant is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plants — it has a low specific area of flooding, almost does not affect agricultural land, from the reservoir bed were moved relatively few people.

30. Electricity so much that the light on the gun does not turn off even during the day …)))

31. Burea has no fishing values, high-value fish species in it are absent; however, as the compensatory measures made stocking reservoirs, as well as the construction of the second farm was Anyui.


32. Reservoir Bureyskaya plant — mountain type, which has a large capacity in a relatively small area of flooding. Full amount Bureyskiy — 20.94 km ², useful volume — 10.73 km ², the reservoir area — 750 km ².



35. After the construction of the Zeya and Bureyskaya plant in the winter low flow Zeya and Bureya began to make more than half of the flow of the Amur. Clean water reservoirs effectively dilutes Polluting China's Songhua River, providing a significant improvement in water quality in the Amur, including in the area of water intakes of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

36. Rainbow.

37. Storm.

38. Night Scene Bureyskaya HPP.





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